Food diary – Tues. April 15 & Wed. April 16, 2014

Tuesday, April 15

8:30am Go-mug of black dark-roast coffee and a slice of homemade whole wheat bread with homemade all-natural smooth peanut butter and unpasteurized local honey.

11:15am Two cups green & white fusion tea and a plate of whole wheat spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and organic parmesan.

12:45pm Glass of water, slice of cheddar cheese, handful tamari almonds, and some chocolate / PB chips.

2:30pm Glass of ice water.

5pm More pasta with a glass of red wine, plus some more chocolate / PB chips.

Throughout the evening: Ice water, pate with crackers, and tamari almonds.

Wednesday, April 16

8:30am Two strawberries.

9:15am Go-mug of black dark-roast coffee, plus two eggs scrambled in butter / oregano / basil / crushed red pepper / black pepper on top of a slice of homemade whole wheat bread, toasted, with a little butter.

10:30am Glass of ice water.

11:45am Glass of ice water and a few chocolate / PB chips.

12:30pm Glass of ice water and an apple with 2 Laughing Cow light cheese wedges.

1:30pm Small plate spaghetti with tomato sauce and a glass of ice water.

6pm 1/3 rack of dry ribs (homemade rub) with homemade mashed potatoes, a glass of red wine, and a few more chocolate / PB chips.

Throughout the evening: A couple more glasses ice water.

Food diary – Mon. April 14, 2014

8am 1 slice homemade whole wheat bread, toasted and topped with a little butter plus two eggs scrambled in some more butter and oregano, basil, crushed red pepper, and black pepper. Also had a go-mug of black dark-roast coffee and a glass of ice water.

11am Another glass of ice water and a few large strawberries.

fresh berries

12pm – 1:30pm Two more glasses of water and a slice of freshly home-baked whole wheat bread with butter.

 3:30pm 1 glass red wine, a slice of cheddar, and some chocolate / peanut butter chips.

4pm Glass of ice water and another slice of cheddar cheese.

4:30pm Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce.

5:30pm Roasted & salted sunflower seeds with a glass of ice water.

6:45pm Two glasses ice water, a glass of wine, and some more chocolate / PB chips.

7:30pm Glass of water :)

A delicious and simple dessert

I greatly appreciate a nice glass of champagne, and so it’s a rare time when I don’t have a couple of mini bottles of champagne chilling in my fridge. Each mini bottle contains two servings – perfect for sharing (or indulging on your own!).

Recently, when I was in a decadent (and peckish) mood, I poured myself a glass of champagne and then went exploring in my kitchen to see what tasty ingredients I could compile. The last of the strawberries caught my eye. They were so ripe that their scent was just about filling the entire fridge – definitely time to eat them! As I was just closing the door, my eye caught the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. And I thought, why not? So I added a handful to the bowl.

organic strawberries


This is one of the most amazing combinations! It tastes luxurious and the flavours blend perfectly together. It also takes about 30 seconds to put together – and it contains some healthy ingredients, too!

What is your favourite simple / healthy / luxurious dessert? Do you like to keep champagne on hand? Share in the comments section below!

Avocado & Mushroom Salad

Salad can be a complete meal with the right ingredients! This is a salad I enjoyed for lunch yesterday:

healthy salad

The mushrooms and avocado added some nice warmth to this salad on a dreary day.

It contained green leaf lettuce, sweet pea shoots, 1/3 avocado, shiitake mushrooms sauteed in Milanese Gremolata infused olive oil, and 1/2 roma tomato (all organic).

The creaminess of the avocado meant that dressing wasn’t really necessary. But I bet that a dash of balsamic vinegar or a squeeze of lemon would be great on this! Also might have to add some dried cranberries next time. Yum.

Food diary: Sat. April 5 & Sun. April 6, 2014

Saturday, April 5

8:15am Homemade breakfast sandwich with one slice homemade whole wheat bread, toasted, with one free-range egg, a slice of overly-processed cheese, and about 1/3 slice nitrate-free bacon, plus a go-mug of black dark-roast coffee.

I was super hungry when I woke up, and when Mr Science offered to make me a half of a breakfast sandwich, I decided that would do the trick! But a couple hours later I was feeling less than satiated and felt the beginnings of a sore throat and found myself craving yesterday’s green smoothie. So…

10:15am Green smoothie with 1 cup water, 2 ice cubes, 1 chopped apple, 1 tbsp each lemon juice* and powdered greens, and 1 tsp each chia seeds and match powder.

I can’t tell you how GOOD this tasted today! It was exactly what I needed.

12:20pm A little plate of vegetable potpie and 2 glasses ice water.

3pm 1 slice organic cheddar cheese, a few squares organic Terra Nostra satin milk truffle chocolate, and a little glass red wine.

4:15pm 2 rolls homemade vegan sushi (nori, sushi rice, avocado, shiitake mushrooms, panko, and homemade spicy mayo using Vegenaise) and another (but more appropriately-sized ;)) glass of wine. I had another glass of wine and a couple more squares of chocolate later on.

vegan sushi

6:30pm Air-popped popcorn topped with local butter and pink Himalayan sea salt, plus some ice water (I like my popcorn ;)).

Total calories: 2,400

Today’s exercise: 1 hour 30 minutes walking.

Sunday, April 6

 8:30am Mug of black coffee and a bowl of organic strawberries and raspberries

scrabble mugraspberries and strawberries10am A glass of ice water and another bowlful of berries.

10:45am Cup of green & white fusion tea.

12:30pm 1 glass ice water.

1:15pm 1 sweet potato, sliced and tossed with 1 tbsp Milanese Grimolata infused olive oil, chipotle flake sea salt, cumin, and black pepper, then baked and enjoyed with organic ketchup (also had a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese).

3pm Glass of red wine and handful of tarmari almonds.

Throughout the evening Cheezies, red wine, salad, whole grain bun with butter, breaded chicken stuffed with broccoli, cheese potato, corn, ice water.

Today’s calories: 1,900.

Today’s exercise: 30 minutes walking; strength training (15 reps of each using 8-lbs dumbbells: triceps kickbacks, lateral front raises, hammer curls with calf raises, side bends, goblet squats).

*I use Santa Cruz organic lemon juice . It has ONE ingredient: organic lemon juice. This is much better than the commercial lemon juice our society typically chooses, which often has preservatives added to it.