Writing & Editing Services

In addition to being a professional lifestyle blogger, I am also a freelance writer and editor. Contact me at sagan.morrow@gmail.com for a quote on your project.

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Why do you need a writer / editor?

Great question!

When your hire the right writer, you can be sure that the writing is tailored to your target audience, is appealing and engaging, and tells the story of your brand.

When you hire the right editor, you can be sure that your writing is clean, concise, and professional, of the highest quality, and free of errors and inconsistencies.

By creating, editing, and distributing content, my services can promote your organization, highlight your brand, improve your writing, fix mistakes, connect with target audiences, and make you look even more awesome than you already are.

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What can I do for you?

I have a background in communications, public relations, the non-profit industry, and project management. I can create and curate content for you or edit your content so that your writing style and voice shine through.

My experience includes writing and editing print and online articles and web copy (particularly on topics of fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and freelancing), writing a newspaper column, editing fiction and non-fiction manuscripts and children’s books, proofreading educational worksheets and a local newspaper, rewriting recipes and technical documents, creating social media strategies, and transcribing.

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Sagan Morrow

Sagan Morrow, freelance editor + writer

I am available to write and create your content for you! The types of writing services that I offer include but are not limited to:

  • Blog, newsletter, and magazine articles.
  • Technical documents in easy-to-understand language.
  • Social media strategies and content.
  • Promotional and marketing materials including poster, brochure, and website copy.

The documents and materials that I can provide editing services for (from proofreading to structural editing and everything in between) include but are not limited to:

  • Manuscripts.
  • Promotional / marketing materials and professional documents.
  • Website, newsletter, and magazine articles.

Please contact me at sagan.morrow@gmail.com if you would like to discuss your project and how we can work together!