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Day 10 of the Vegan Challenge

Yesterday I ate:

– Bowl of oatmeal: 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, 1/2 banana, 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, some cinnamon

– Salad with romaine lettuce, spinach, raisins, hummus, a couple spoonfuls of the quinoa/veggie/bean mixture, tomato, green and red bell pepper, cucumber, asparagus, radishes, and snow peas

– A few celery stalks with hummus, 1 almond butter ball, and a peanut butter/banana sandwich (using 1/2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 banana, and homemade bread)

– 2 1/2 apples and another almond butter ball

– Dinner at Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant: a bowl of consomme soup followed by “three vegetables (broccoli, mushrooms, and baby cobs of corn) in curry sauce” over brown rice.

My good friend Cassie originally suggested we got to Silver Heights for a beef dip, but when I explained that I’m vegan she rose to the challenge and did a bit of quick research while I biked to her place. She discovered that Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant is actually a completely vegan restaurant! I was over the moon. The food was really amazing and totally lived up to it’s name. Cassie got the sweet and sour deep fried tofu; I tried a couple of her vegetables but wasn’t a fan- I’ve never liked sweet and sour sauce. But my curry was excellent.

The only drawback was that on the bike ride home, my box of leftovers got smooshed in my basket and started dripping over the side. So now my bicycle basket smells like curry and some of my tasty leftovers fell out of the container. Thank goodness I didn’t put the box inside my purse! I’ve simply resigned myself to the fact that any time I’m near food, there’s bound to be a mess to clean up.

But it’s all worth it for the tastiness of it.


  1. Sagan Morrow

    MizFit- In October when we go for that beef dip, we’ll call you up for sure 😉

    Andrea- very true!

    Gina- I know! The rhetoric of it rocks my socks off.

    Diane & Hanlie- aw that’s too bad. Are you sure? These restaurants could be hiding!

  2. Sagan Morrow

    Holly- Oh I wear white shirts. I just go through them very, very fast (or go through a lot of vinegar. That happens too. It’s good stuff for getting out stains!)

    Dr. J- I’m learning TONS.

    Marta & bHealthier- It doesn’t seem to be smelly, so that’s good. Much as I adore curry, I don’t want Harriett my bicycle to smell of it!

    Cammy- Normally I would use more PB too. But these slices of bread are really tiny 😀

  3. Mia {runs and rests}

    Yay – I’d choose curry over sweet&sour sauce any day of the week! And another yay for Cassie – supportive friends are cool. My family and friends support me with my eating but some of the people I work with frown upon my veggie eating ways. Duh!

    Also, my homemade breads are also mini-sized so I totally understand the teeny portion of PB and 1/2 banana. 🙂

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