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30 Days of Not Hitting the Snooze Button

For the past couple years, I’ve been hitting the snooze button several times each morning before getting out of bed.

Some days it’s more than that, and other days it’s less. But it always happens.

I never used to hit the snooze button, and I would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start my day. Since I got into this bad habit of pressing the snooze button, it’s much harder for me to get up and out of bed! (And working from home—knowing that I can get up *whenever I want*—doesn’t help much with that.)

So when I read one of Carla’s recent articles, I decided then and there that I needed to go an entire month of not hitting the snooze button… and see what that does for my health, the day that follows not pressing the snooze button, and my entire lifestyle.

snooze button

Can you go 30 days without hitting the snooze button?

For the next month, I am not going to hit the snooze button. At all.

I can generally wake up when I want to by visualizing myself waking up at a specific time the next morning (have any of you tried this? Is this a normal thing that people do? It’s a pretty neat trick! Sometimes I can get it down to the minute), but I still like setting an alarm clock *just in case.*

I’m going to continue setting the alarm clock for the next 30 days… and make sure that when it goes off, I turn the alarm clock off instead of hitting the snooze button. Maybe I’ll end up falling back asleep and sleeping in some days, but I went for years without that happening. I’m pretty confident that my body will adjust quickly to this healthy new habit and that I will be getting out of bad earlier, faster, and more bright-eyed than I have in months.

That’s my prediction, anyway! We’ll see what happens. I’ll report back as this fun little challenge continues with the results (and don’t worry—I haven’t forgotten about reporting back on the modified green smoothie cleanse! I should have an update on that in the next month or two).

I’m excited to try this and commit to making a change in my life. And—as always—I hope that this simple change might help me sleep a little better, too.

Will you join me in not hitting the snooze button for a month? Do you rely on the snooze button? Do you avoid it like the plague? How do you feel about alarm clocks? Share in the comments section below!


  1. Contemplative Fitness

    I wish you success with this, truly. Not applicable for me since I’m up at 430-500 most days anyway. The most productive time of my day are those early hours before the rest of the world is awake. You may find you want to wake up earlier and earlier to get more and more accomplished.

    Also, I haven’t used an alarm clock in my adult life. True story πŸ˜‰

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  4. Mary Anne in Kentucky

    Having a snooze button (they became common after I was out of college) changed my life. When I wake naturally I slowly drift to the surface. When the alarm goes off I jerk awake, heart racing, gasping for breath. In the old days, knowing that if I didn’t get my feet on the floor before I turned the alarm off I Might Be Late was extremely unpleasant. Now that I can set the alarm to allow me twenty to thirty minutes of drowsing it is so much better. I’m actually awake (though perhaps not alert) by the time I get up.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      That’s so interesting! I have to admit I didn’t think of it from that angle… I was a little too focused on the idea that Snooze Button Is Evil than to think that maybe that’s just MY relationship with it πŸ™‚

      So good that it works for you!

  5. Jessica

    I have been a snooze hitter for most of my life! Even when I was in high school it would take me several alarms to get up and then I would still take a little nap after I got out of the shower….lazy! But I think this is a great challenge! I’ll try to give up hitting the snooze button and break years of this bad habit!

  6. Kelly

    Oh, I HAVE to set my alarm 15 min ahead to “allow” myself that extra 15 min to lightly snooze just a little bit more before I actually step foot to the floor! Lol…I know…it’s just a mental thing but, it works for me πŸ˜‰

  7. Kim @ This Ole Mom

    I don’t sleep much I usually don’t go to bed until 1 am and wake up at 6:30 am to get my son ready for school. I usually set my alarm clock 3 minutes early so I have time to slap it off. My little boy on the other hand doesn’t need an alarm he’s up at 6 am on the dot no matter what. I wish I could train myself not to use an alarm . Good luck!!1

  8. Rebecca

    I have never been a snooze button kind of gal, but I am super lucky because my husband gets up first and then wakes me up once he’s out of the shower. I’m pretty much a morning person, anyway. If I had to stay late at night, that would be an unbelievable challenge for me!

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