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31 Days of Fitness Challenge

Not too long ago I was talking to my friend Jeff about blogging and getting ideas for writing blog posts, and he came up with a really interesting new fitness challenge for me: trying a different exercise every day for 31 days.

I love the idea of this challenge because it doesn’t require a whole bunch of intense exercise on my part. It’ll be fun to try some new types of fitness! January health challenges are nice to do, as well, since the holiday season is over and we need something interesting to look forward to. A new type of fitness every day is just the ticket to add some spice to the everyday.

During the month I’ll let you know how the challenge is going and what exercises I’m doing. My plans for the first week are to do the following exercises (they might alter, but these are just a few ideas):

1) Walking outdoors

2) Chair dancing (as maid of honour, I’m hosting the bride’s surprise bachelorette party on Sunday. And yes, there will be a lesson on chair dancing :D)

3) Yoga at home

4) RPM spinning class at Good Life Fitness

5) Hula hooping at home

6) 30 Day Shred Exercise DVD

7) Dancing at Ted Motyka Dance Studio (I’m not sure what their January schedule is yet, but I expect it will be waltz or salsa)

I already have a lot of ideas for what the different exercises will be, but I would also love to hear your ideas! If you have any exercises that you think I should try over the next 31 days, or any exercise that you’ve always wanted to try or that you love, let me know. I will happily do my best to incorporate it.

Will you be joining me on this challenge? What exercises would you be interested in trying out?


  1. Pubsgal

    That sounds like a fun plan, Sagan! I love trying new fitness things. I’m going to try a hula dancing class in January. 🙂

    If you haven’t tried spinning before, it’s one heck of a workout! Be warned-it takes a couple of weeks for your sitting parts to adjust to the spin machine seat.

  2. Mary Anne in Kentucky

    I like my well worn rut, with yoga every day and either walking or stationary bike three or four times a week, but I’ll be fascinated to see what you come up with, and what your evaluations are.

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  4. Andrea

    You know, I was thinking of doing this earlier. I’m trying to get back into exercise, as I’ve stopped for a couple years. I used to do the same boring workout at the gym everyday. But this time, I’d love to mix it up, and see what I might like better. Also, it keeps our bodies guessing! Nice blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. Mrs. Life

    Sounds really fun! Me? Well, I plan of joining marathon next month. I am going to meet some of my running friends i just met online. I am doing training right now. Some workouts and yoga on the weekend. That makes my schedule for the whole month of January a lotsa fun! Btw, how long have you been hula hooping?

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