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April’s Nutrition Challenge: The Raw Food Detox Diet

I adored the Carb Lover’s Diet Cookbook as last month’s nutrition challenge – awesome tasty recipes! The only issue Mr. Science and I had was that we used brown rice pasta for the pasta dishes, and it was not filling.

Anyways, this month is a transition to raw food! I’m using Natalia Rose’s book, The Raw Food Detox Diet. This month it’ll basically be eating raw until dinner. I’d like to slowly make the transition so that in May or June I’m eating all raw. Fun!

This is likely what April’s menu will look like:

Breakfast: Fresh fruit, homemade lemonade

Lunch: Salad with fruit and nuts or raw crackers/granola bar

Snack: Raw vegetables or fresh fruit or smoothie

Dinner: Any

Dessert: Hot chocolate or raw chocolate

This month we’ll likely eat usual items for dinner – pasta, rice, toast with eggs, the occasional meat and so on – but in May I’d like to make the switch to mostly steamed vegetables, salads etc. Don’t want to rush too much into it!

In addition to the book, I’ll be checking out some raw food blogs (Raw Radiant Health, Choosing Raw and others).

Will you join me in making the transition to raw foods this month? Do you have any recommendations for raw food books or blogs? Share in the comments section below!


  1. Liz W

    Good luck, Sagan! I won’t join you myself but will look out for any raw food recipies you post, to send to Mike’s fabulous Kiwi cousin who has a carbon footprint the size of a peanut, and will just maybe try one or two myself ;). Hope all is well with you.

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