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The best abs exercise (which you don’t want to skip!)

There are lots of abs exercises that I really enjoy doing, but a favorite of mine, and one which isn’t commonly found in exercise books and the like, is the Alphabet. This might just be the best abs exercise out there, so you don’t want to skip it!

Get fit with the BEST abs exercise! This abs exercise targets all of your core and you can do it anywhere. If you're going to do any core exercise, let it be this one!

One of the best things about core exercises? Most of them don’t require external weights!

What exactly is the Alphabet exercise?

The Alphabet is kind of like a crunch. Basically, you get into a crunch position on a mat (back flat, head slightly lifted, and legs off the floor with knees directly over hips and calves parallel to the floor), and then you “draw” the alphabet in the air with your feet.

It looks kind of silly, but it can be extremely effective! The reason why I feel that it is the best abs exercise out there (or at least one of the best!) is because if you use proper form, this exercise can target all areas of your core.

The key for this abs exercise is to use your abs to move your legs. Don’t let your hips, back, or legs do the work; you should be able to feel it in all of your abs. Try to keep your back pressing gently down on the ground so that you’re not arching up too much.

Some additional tips…

1) Don’t get frustrated if you can’t “write” the entire Alphabet consecutively. If you need to stop and take a break, that’s okay! Next time, try going just one letter further. Your abs and endurance will strengthen with time.

2) Go slowly. For just about any abs exercise, you’re going to work your muscles much better if you move at a slow, deliberate pace so as to target every. single. part. of your abs. When you go slowly, you’ll really be able to see why this is the best abs exercise you can do! Focus first on technique, and then on finishing the Alphabet.

3) Keep you arms flat on the ground by your side. This will give you a bit of extra stability. You don’t need to press your arms into the ground, but just keep them there so that you aren’t flailing all over the place or letting your hips or back take over.

4) Try to make the letters as big as you can. That will help you to really target all of your abs muscles so that you don’t neglect the lower or upper abs or the sides.

Are you a fan of the Alphabet exercise? Would you consider it the best abs exercise out there? What’s your favorite abs workout? Share in the comments section below!

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