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Day 15 of the 200 Reps Challenge

20 Crunches (targets abs, particularly the upper abdominals)

20 Floor Kicks (targets the glutes)

Perform this set ten times for a total of 200 Crunches and 200 Floor Kicks!

For the Crunches:

1. Lie on your back on a mat. Raise your legs so that your knees are bent, directly above your hips, and your calves are parallel to the floor. Position your hands behind your ears so that they just lightly touch your ears (do not tug on your head or neck).

2. Raise your shoulders and upper back off the ground, pushing your throat toward the ceiling. Your lower back should remain rooted to the ground and the movement should come from your abs, not your arms or your back.

3. Lower your shoulders back to the starting position. This is one rep.

TIP: Stare up at the ceiling as you perform this move. If you find it difficult, you can lower your feet to rest on the ground.

For the Floor Kicks:

1. Get down on your hands and knees on a mat, back straight (don’t let it arch or sag). Lift your right knee off the ground and raise your heel up towards the ceiling; your knee should come back and up to the same level as your back so that it makes a nice straight line.

2. Bring your knee back down and bring it in towards your chest, crunching your abs inward. This is one rep. Repeat all the reps on this leg, and then do the other side as well.

TIP: Push through your heel as high as you can go at the top of the movement, and bring it back into your body in a controlled fashion to get in a little extra abs work.


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