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Day Nine of the Raw Food Challenge

Yesterday, on Day Eight of the Raw Food Challenge, I ate:

– 1 apple, 1 granola bar (same recipe as yesterday) smeared with some cashew butter, and 1 glass lemon water with 1/2 scoop calcium/magnesium powder

– 2 cups green tea and 1 apple with cinnamon

– Spicy juice pulp patty (I was accidentally heavy-handed with the crushed red pepper when I made this batch, but they’re still tasty!) with mashed cauliflower spread on top and then stacked with cucumber, sprouts, and tomato

– Salad with mixed spring greens, cucumber, sprouts, apple slices, and tomato, along with a piece of chickpea flatbread spread with mashed cauliflower and topped with some of the salad veggies.

– 2 apples (one of them being the rest of the one that I’d used part of for the salad) dusted with cinnamon and another mug of green tea. I was getting sick of apples at this point but I ran out of other food at work and it was all that was left. The nuisance of it was not having anything else with the apples… the sweetness was getting to be a bit much but I was quite hungry.

– 1 granola bar and 1 juice pulp flatbread (this was from the non-spicy batch) spread with cashew butter

– 3 carrots, handful of corn, and 2 mugs rooibos tea with 1/2 scoop calcium/magnesium powder

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  1. The Candid RD

    Looking good!

    I’m really trying to follow along with your diet. It’s hard, and I know I’m doing it more like 60% of the time, but I think if I start thinking about it more, it will get easier and just fall into place eventually.

    Keep it up, and have a great weekend!

  2. Sagan Morrow

    Gina- I agree that if we start thinking about something more, it becomes second nature. That’s great that you’re incorporating raw food into your diet! It’s fun how many different ways you can be creative with even just a few raw ingredients. I’m really enjoying eating a diet of 100% all-natural, whole foods right now. It feels very clean!

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