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Day Ten of the 200 Reps Challenge

20 Mountain Climbers (targets legs, core, and cardio)

20 Shoulder Shrugs (targets shoulders)

Complete this set for a total of 200 Mountain Climbers and 200 Shoulder Shrugs!

For the Mountain Climbers:

1. Get down on a mat in push up position, feet and hands shoulder-width apart. Bend your right knee so that your leg is beneath your body (only your toes on the floor); the left leg should be extended behind you.

2. Simultaneously jump so that your left leg comes forward (underneath your body), and your right leg extends behind you. Switch legs again so that your right leg is bent and your left leg is extended. This is one rep.

TIP: Keep your torso stationary throughout this movement. Jump at a faster speed to get that heart rate up!

For the Shoulder Shrugs:

1. Stand with feet hip width apart and back straight. Bend your arms slightly as though you’re about to go for a jog.

2. Slowly roll your shoulders up towards your ears, back so that your shoulder blades come together slightly, and down, returning to starting position. This is one rep.

TIP: This is more of a stretch than a strength training exercise, but it is essential to get in a good stretch, particularly if we are working the arms/back/shoulders every day the way we have been. Go slowly so that you’re easy on the joints. You can also reverse the movement or extend your arms in a T-shape from your body, if you find that either of those positions are comfortable (for myself, they are not). You can also hold a light weight in each hand as you perform this move to make it more weight-bearing!


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