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Day Three of the Raw Food Challenge

Yesterday, on Day Two of the Challenge, I ate:

– A few sweet potato chips dusted with cumin/black pepper/sea salt made in my dehydrator (I’d made them the night before and absolutely had to give them a taste!); freshly squeezed juice from my juicer: 2 kale leaves (without stem), a small chunk of ginger root, 1/3 lemon (peeled but with the white pith still on), 1/2 apple (with peel), and 2 stalks celery. I added 1/2 scoop calcium/magnesium powder after the juice was made.

– 1 carrot cut into sticks, plus some broccoli with homemade hummus: I made the hummus by putting some (dried and soaked) chickpeas in the food processor along with a squeeze of lemon, 1 tsp cold-pressed hemp seed oil, a clove of minced garlic, a pinch of cayenne, some sea salt and black pepper, and a generous shake each of cumin/oregano/marjoram/thyme.

– 1/2 apple with cashew butter (I’m not doing a very good job of rationing my precious nut butter) and 1 glass lemon water with 1/2 scoop calcium/magnesium powder

– Salad with spring mixed greens, cauliflower, cucumber, tomato, hemp seeds, 1/2 cob corn, pomegranate/orange dressing from yesterday, alfalfa/mustard/clover/radish sprouts, plus one stalk celery smeared with the chocolate spread I made yesterday (the chocolate spread is much better after it’s been refrigerated, although I still wouldn’t make it again).

– Small handful cashews, a few sweet potato chips, and 1 banana with cashew butter/chocolate spread, with 1 mug rooibos tea. Also 1 “Ultimate Multi Probiotic” capsule (a supplement with live active probiotic cultures. This time I learned how to properly swallow the capsule so it wasn’t stuck in my throat for half an hour. Hurray!)

– Flatbread with homemade hummus (I made the flatbread by combining kale/apple juice pulp, 1/2 chopped carrot, 1/4 onion, a couple tbsp ground flaxseed, and about 1/2 cup soaked buckwheat in the food processor; then I let it sit in the dehydrator for about 8 hours, turning it over partway through. It was super delicious) and zucchini “pasta” with homemade sauce: I peeled two zucchinis into thin strips and then made a similar marinara/bruschetta style sauce by combining 2 tomatoes, 4 dates, 1/4 onion, 1 clove minced garlic, oregano, basil, pinch of cayenne, sea salt and black pepper, and a squeeze of lemon in the food processor. This made enough for two people (and the boyfriend approved!)

– 2 1/2 cups rooibos tea

Lesson learned: Don’t put kale in the juicer. I don’t think I even got any juice from it, it just all turned to pulp! I’m saving all of the pulp from my juicing adventures but even so, I think it would be better to just add kale to smoothies.


  1. The Candid RD

    Day three sounds delicious. Thanks for the tip about kale ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been buying a lot of kale lately, and I think you are right, very dry! Not good for juicing. But for smoothies, heck yeah!
    I love putting cumin on my sweet potato chips. Such a great flavor.

    Keep up the good work!

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  4. Sagan Morrow

    Gina- I think that I put cumin on EVERYTHING. So tasty!

    Lori- Thanks for the tip! I’ve had pineapple in the juicer before and it was delicious. I should get myself a pineapple…

    Mary & Sophia- The sweet potato chips are crunchy but also somehow really chewy, in a much different way than oven-baked style. I prefer the oven-baked style, personally. It’s amazing how SWEET the chips are in the dehydrator. I’m thinking that regular potatoes would make for really good (less sweet) chips in the dehydrator, too.

    Jean- It’s neat how everyone has their own “version” of these different ways of eating. I like it.

    Hanlie- I’m going to have to pick your brain for advice on the green juices! I’m having difficulties with them. Taste-wise ๐Ÿ™‚

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