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Easy Halloween Costume Idea: Bond Girl

So you’ve been invited to a Halloween party last-minute and you have no idea how you can throw together a costume with just 24 hours to spare. Never fear! A Bond girl costume is just what you girl halloween

A number of years ago, I dressed like a Bond girl for Halloween. I’ve seen all of the James Bond movies, many of them multiple times (don’t look at me like that. They are awesome and worthy of multiple watches.), so I thought carefully about if there was any particular Bond girl I wanted to emulate. I couldn’t choose one of them, so I decided to choose an outfit that was the epitome of the Bond girl:

This look can be fairly easy to put together: you need a great pair of high heels, a teeny dress, fabulous jewelry, big hair, and ideally a toy gun and a (real ;)) martini glass as props. The picture here is very light on the makeup, but a smoky eye and a red lip would be perfect for rounding out this look.

And that’s all you need for a fun, simple Bond girl Halloween costume!

Get the look:


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