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Easy, Healthy Changes to Make at Home

When we’re talking about living healthy in the real world, a big part of it is making little changes. Baby steps. Little pieces that make a big difference in the long-term. With that in mind, here are four easy switches to make this week that will make a big impact on your health:

1) Swap white flour for spelt flour.

Let’s be honest: whole wheat flour is great, but it’s a little too dense to replace white flour in every recipe – particularly in baking! Luckily there is spelt flour. Spelt flour contains many more nutrients than regular white flour, but it can be used instead of white flour in just about every recipe you can think of without turning your baking into rocks. I haven’t bought white flour in years because I always use spelt flour instead, for recipes of all kind (and I love my cookies and cupcakes!).

2) Use pink Himalayan sea salt instead of table salt.

There really isn’t anything good about table salt. We all know that. But you really don’t ever need to use table salt. Use pink Himalayan sea salt instead! It is ancient and awesome. Plus it’s a pretty pink colour. And it is loaded with micro-nutrients! I prefer Himalayan sea salt to regular sea salt because, well, our current seas are overly contaminated, and so that salt probably isn’t ideal. Ancient seas are the way to go 🙂

3) Choose organic over conventional.

You might notice a difference with this change, unlike the flour or salt replacements. But the difference that you will notice is that organic generally has more flavour. It’s true! This test is easiest when it comes to strawberries. Conventional strawberries tend to be enormous, and rather bland, in comparison to organic strawberries. Moreover, choosing organic when you can means that you will be ingesting fewer pesticides and fewer GMOs overall, which is always a good thing.

4) Let your water air out on the counter.

The above three health swaps have the potential to be a little pricey (although your health is worth it!) – but this health swap won’t make a difference in your pocketbook at all. Here’s the thing: tap water has to be heavily filtered to get to our kitchens, and often other things get added to it during the process to cleanse and make it fit for human consumption. But those other things added aren’t particularly desirable. By letting your water sit out on the counter, uncovered, for even just a few hours, some of those things will evaporate, leaving you with healthier (and definitely better-tasting!) water.

What simple health changes would you add to this list? Share in the comments section below!


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