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Elements of the Perfect Conference Outfit

Got an upcoming conference to attend? Here are the elements you’ll need to put together the perfect conference outfit:

  • Simple, business-casual clothes. I like a modest, fitted dress, like the one pictured here, but you can also go for a pretty skirt or dress pants with a blouse.
  • Sensible bag. Depending on the conference, you might need a laptop bag or a briefcase, but otherwise, choose a large purse. You never know what kind of materials they’ll hand out at a conference, and you also need enough room to store a notebook and pen, business cards, etc.
perfect conference outfit

Conference Sagan!

  • Cute, comfortable shoes. If you really want to go with heels, stick with a thick heel on an ankle boot. Otherwise, go with a beautiful ballet flat.
  • Something warm. Blazers are perfect here! You could also choose a cardigan or a warm scarf. You never know how cold those rooms are going to get.

What would you add to this list? What are the main elements to your conference outfit? Share in the comments section below!

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