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Health isn’t something that we should ever neglect, even when life starts to get really chaotic. If our health is really important to us, then there are no real excuses why we shouldn’t be able to maintain good health even when life turns into an obstacle course on us.

So for the past five weeks while I’ve been living in a country very unlike my own, with quite a fair amount of traveling around, I’ve been trying to keep up a decent-enough fitness routine. There are all kinds of ways that we can beat the difficulties and continue to stay in shape! My travels will sadly be over in just a few days but here’s a few of the ways I’ve been keeping fit while away from my Canadian home:

My pedometer is indispensable. I still wear it every day, and even though I haven’t been logging as many steps as I would like, I’m still staying above 10,000 steps each day (except a couple days when I was bedridden will illness), so that’s satisfactory for me. Steps are usually easy to get in while we’re traveling because you can explore new places on foot. In cities that aren’t so pedestrian-friendly (such as Phnom Penh!), there’s the usual sneaky ways to get in extra steps by taking the stairs, finding some walking areas (like long stretches of boulevard), or even just pacing around your bedroom while you’re reading.


The NURU cards that I reviewed have also proved to be invaluable. They were great for at the airport when I had hours to kill between catching planes. All I had to do was find a quiet area with not a lot of people and some solid chairs around for tricep dips and such, and I was good to go.

Doing the Burpee Challenge has been a great way to keep the arms and whole body toned. I’m on Day 43 at this point—even on days when I didn’t get much other exercise in, it was nice to know that at least I’ve completed a fair number of burpees. Fitness challenges are always enjoyable.

I’ve been lucky to have plenty of access to the gym while I’ve been here. The apartment building I’m living in has a gym just two floors below, and it’s always empty. I only ever saw someone else in there once the whole time I’ve been here! So it’s been nice to have my pick of machines. There’s not a huge amount of choice, but the machines are in excellent condition:


When we took a trip down to Sihanoukville and stayed at a beach resort, there was a beautiful fancy fitness centre with an outdoor interval training area.


I spent time at the gym every day while we were there (NURU cards to the rescue while my gym buddy wasn’t around to sort out the strength training routine)…


 …between the obligatory long walks on the beach…


…and the occasional swim (or paddle) in the pool:


And, of course, when you’re visiting the sights and seeing the temples, it’s absolutely essential to drop and do a few push ups!


How do you like to keep fit when you’re on the road (or just living in a new place)? Share!


  1. Hanlie

    Wow! It looks like a beautiful, clean country! Thanks for the lovely pictures…

    When I traveled to the States last year I made a point of walking every day. We were out in the country, so it was quite easy.

  2. liz

    What great photos! I so envy you that empty gym. There’s one at my office, but very poorly equipped and much busier than it used to be even at 07.00! I agree re walking a lot while on holiday – exploring cities / country / village walks etc are a huge part of the pleasure of a holiday! But well done getting your 10,000 steps in in that heat!

  3. MizFit

    wow Im so amazed at the workout options you have!

    I tend to not workout when I travel for vacation (whenever that was:) preToddler) but do workout when it’s for, well, WORK.

    that said when I lived in the 3rd world for 5 months there were zero workout options but I also found that daily life was PACKED with exercise (carrying grocers etc) so I didnt mind.

  4. Berni

    I love the pic of you doing push-ups, brilliant.

    I’m so impressed with your ability to keep up your exercise even when you’re in a totally different place with a different routine, such an inspiration. I’ll be sure to be rereading this post while I’m in Europe 🙂

  5. Crabby McSlacker

    That’s great that you’re so good about keeping up with exercise when you travel. I always start off great, then by the end it’s “I’ll wait until I get home”.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if every workplace, residential complex, and city park had tons of equipment for people to keep fit on, and there were lots of trails and bike paths?

  6. Monica Shaw

    These pictures and this whole post are great. You really rocked your trip.

    My primary mode of staying fit while traveling is walking. I walk everywhere. And if I’m on a camping trip, I usually do enough hiking and general campsite activity to feel pretty good about things. City breaks are a little harder, but most cities are nice and walkable.

    In a few weeks I’m going on a long trip to Chicago and Austin. Austin has an amazing lake with miles and miles of “hike and bike” trails. We’re going to hit that every day, plus get in some disc golf and hiking if we can. Chicago is very walkable, especially when you like taking pictures – I could spend all day just walking around the city.

  7. Cammy@TheTippyToeDiet

    I’m so glad you’re finding ways to keep up your fitness routine! I imagine it’s kind of fun to find ways to sneak it in.

    On my most recent trip, I got a guest membership at my friend’s gym, plus the hotel fitness center was nice, if small. They even had weights I could lift, which often isn’t the case. I also used my NURU cards at the beach!

  8. Marta

    Oh it’s great you have access to the gym!!! I have to say, the number one thing I stress out about when planning a trip is where to excersice. Most people say “just do it outdoors”, yeah “I know”, but there are places, like you say, that are not very suitable for that. Like, I’m planning a trip to Iran later this year and I’m thinking I may not be able to run and do my circuit-bootcamps outside. Just a wild guess!

    So, when I’m in safe places, I just run and do little bootcamps for myself. Give me a play ground and I’ll turn it into circuit heaven!! i don’t like runnning every day, I find it hard on my body, so I’ll do every-other-day alternating with circuits.

    When I’m in unsafe places, I do as much as I can in my hotel room and then walk, walk, walk… and I try to cut back on what I eat to balance the lack of activity.

  9. Spring Girl

    Those NURU cards sound great for airports – you probably look forward to sitting down on the next long flight after working out! Airports should definitely have free gyms. Anyway, I have a fear of public transport so I end up walking everywhere. Holidays always used to be the healthiest parts of my life gelati, cheese and wine included!

  10. Sagan Morrow

    Hanlie & Liz- walking adventures are so much fun.

    MizFit- lifestyle activity is more fun anyway, right? 🙂

    Berni- JEALOUS of your European travels.

    Crabby- sounds like health blogger heaven!

    Monica- all of that hiking will be fantastic! I adore hiking.

    Cammy- HEART the NURU cards.

    Marta- great ideas. That’s going to be an amazing trip.

    Dr. J- it’s certainly been fun!

    Spring Girl- I completely agree about the free gyms in airports- even if they just had a small room set aside with a few yoga mats, some weights, and a stability ball that would be nice and fairly inexpensive for them to put together.

  11. Rupal

    We take really short trips…max out at about 4-5 days, even if we are flying halfway across the world, so generally the site-seeing and walking alone take care of the exercise part. Sounds like you’re having a great time Sagan!!


  12. Meg

    oh wow, sounds like you got a ton of exercise in. Usually the only exercise I get on vacation is walking! I’m going to try to take your example as inspiration and keep the routine while on the road!

  13. bhealthier

    ooo you are an inspiration for vacation excercisers everywhere!!

    I tend to not “workout” while on vacation but rather make it more of my vacation- golfing, going to the beach ( swimming, beach walks, fishing etc). I just utilize whatever is available and if nothing is available I absorb the culture or whatever else I can!

  14. Tyler

    Wow. What a healthy vacation. One thing I like to do is free weight squats when I wake up in the morning(in a hotel while traveling) and then a set of 100 push ups. Easier for me to get it going early in the morning. Once I’m out seeing the sites and having fun its impossible for me to get motivated to work out. So kudos to you!

  15. Sagan Morrow

    Bag Lady- time flies when you’re having fun!

    Rupal- whirlwind trips are good for fitting in the exercise.

    Tom & Meg- two words: exercise addiction 🙂

    bhealthier- LOVE your attitude towards it. Exercise ought to be a part of our whole way of vacationing/living!

    Tyler- I’m a morning exerciser too. I like getting it outta the way by breakfast 🙂

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