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FitBloggin 2011 recap

Everyone at FitBloggin’ was seriously amazing. I can’t believe how nice and sweet everyone was. Bloggers are awesome!

Kerry and Sean were some of the first friends that I made on Thursday night. Jenn and I quickly bonded over our shared affection for Charlotte, rainy walks and bookstores 🙂

Friday morning was a fun walk around the harbour, followed by an awesome zumba class and some really enjoyable sessions. I was delighted to have a drink at the Sears social with Jack in the evening. Then, when I went out for a walk around the harbour, I happened to come across a couple of people I had met on the Super Shuttle on the way to the hotel – they were in Baltimore for the horse races and were such a riot. We walked up to the big hill together where they told me about some of the military history. It was so nice. And the view was spectacular.

Baltimore at night

You can see the Marriott hotel way in the distance...

Among other people, I was also super excited and happy to meet Josie, Lisa Johnson, Karen, Carla and Shauna during the conference – they were all just as fantastic in person as online 🙂 And I got to meet some other bloggers I hadn’t known before, like Rosie and a couple mentioned above.

I woke up early on Saturday morning for an intense half hour Pilates class led by Andrea. WOW was it tough! It felt amazing. She was great.

The sessions themselves were enjoyable and informative, with enthusiastic speakers and good ideas for increasing blog exposure and improving websites. I particularly learned a lot from Matt’s SEO session and the vlogging session, and was so impressed with Roni – the organization of the conference was incredibly impressive, particularly because she had a babe in arms for parts of it! The swag was fantastic, too… lots of snacks and workout gear. More on some of my favourites in another post!

night lights

View of the harbour from Federal Hill.

Lacey and I got a chance to catch some of the horse races at a local bar on Saturday after the conference was over – very cool. Jenn, Lacey, Lisa and myself went out for dinner on Saturday night, which just might have been one of the best parts about the whole conference. My sweet roommate Maria encouraged me to come for a late-night swim with some others afterward, in which I got a chance to hang out with Jess and Kenlee.

And then it was time to head home. Susan and I wound up taking not only the same flight out of Baltimore, but were even sitting in the same row! Fun stuff.

There were so many more bloggers that I was truly delighted to meet. This was far and away the best conference I have ever attended. I couldn’t believe how much love there was at the conference… it’s just too bad that we have to wait a whole year for it to happen again!

How was your weekend? Did you attend FitBloggin’? Will you be there next year? What conferences have you been to that overwhelmed and amazed you?


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