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Fitness Clothes Review: Pure NRG

A couple weeks ago, I received three full workout outfits from Sears Canada’s new Pure NRG line of performance clothing.

The Sears Pure NRG performance clothing makes use of four-way stretch fabric, flatlock seams, and cool effect fabric. The materials used – cotton, spandex, and nylon being some of the main ones – make these clothing items versatile and accessible for a wide range of different types of exercise.

performance clothing

This zip-up will be perfect for springtime running!

In my package, I received:

Instagram fitness


Naturally, one of the first things I did when the outfits arrived was to post photos of my new fitness clothes on Instagram. But after I got over my initial excitement over how cute this performance line is, I started testing out the workout clothes and I realized how amazingly comfortable they were. Several times on the weekends I traded my usual t-shirt and comfy pants outfit (I’m really stylish when hanging out around the condo ;)) for the performance tank and cotton capris – they were just too comfy and cute not to!

Plus, the added bonus was that by wearing them as I went about my usual household chores and weekend activities (er, washing dishes and reading novels – not only am I especially stylish in the home, but I’m also extremely exciting!), it also motivated me to do some strength training and quick bouts of cardio that I otherwise wouldn’t have fit in. Win-win!

yoga clothes

This studio tank is great for yoga.

I tried out a few different types of exercises in these clothes – stretching, strength training, and cardio – and they worked great. I liked the ease of movement and support that I had in all of these items. These outfits will be suitable for a wide range of fitness activities, which is excellent since I like to change up my exercise routines and cross-train frequently!

If you’d like to try Sears Pure NRG’s performance clothing line out for yourself, I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY next week for three readers to each receive a $50 Sears gift card! With each of the above items pricing in between around $20 and $40, your gift card will get you a long way (psst… if you haven’t entered my supplement giveaway yet, you still have a couple more days to do so!). Stay tuned next week for our fitness clothing giveaway!

workout clothes

Performance leggings = awesome for high-impact cardio.

Cute: check. Comfy: check. Reasonably priced: check. And most importantly, works well for exercising: check. I’m all over Sears Pure NRG!

Have you tried this new line of performance clothing? What are some of your favourite workout gear brands? What kinds of fitness clothes do you like best? Share in the comments section below!


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