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Fitness Products Review: Part Two

As I mentioned in July, I’ve been receiving some products from to review. Gaiam is a pretty cool company that has a range of yoga and Pilates materials and accessories. This past month, I received the following:

  • Thirsty Yoga Towel. I sweat a lot when I exercise, so this towel was pretty much perfect. Especially for power vinyasa yoga sessions! This towel fits perfectly on top of my Gaiam yoga mat and it doesn’t get in the way when you’re practicing yoga – you can still get a good grip on the mat and I was surprised at how I wasn’t slipping or sliding on the towel at all during my practice.
thirsty yoga towel

Isn’t it so cute?!

  • Yoga block. I’m not in the habit of using yoga blocks (primarily because I didn’t have one until a couple weeks ago), but I really like the option for using it. On days when you’re feeling a little tight, or if you just can’t quite get into certain poses, the block is great to have as added support.
gaiam yoga block

They call this “blue teal” but it’s more of an eggshell blue in real life. And so pretty!

  • Yoga strap. We use yoga straps for our workplace yoga sessions, and I’ve come to love how yoga straps can help you get a little deeper into the postures. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to use this particular one, but I’ll be testing it out at workplace yoga this week! Like all Gaiam products, this yoga strap is gorgeous. I can’t get over how fun and beautiful their products are – it makes you want to do yoga that much more!
yoga accessories

My yoga towel, block, and strap are all the same matching colour. I love it.

  • Calorie Blast Yoga DVD. I wasn’t keen on the last yoga DVD I tried from, but loved this Calorie Blast Yoga DVD! The explanations were done really well and you could feel the burn. I also like that it’s divided into three 20-minute yoga sessions, plus an additional abs session (less than 10 minutes) if you want to give your core an extra workout. I’ll definitely be using this DVD many more times in the future.

yoga dvdWant to try out some of these products for yourself? Get 15% off your purchase at with the code MB15SMRW and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Gaiam sent me these products free of charge. The opinions written here are entirely my own.

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