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Get Out and Go! Staying Fit During Heart Month

I’m delighted to partner with Staples this month for Heart Month! This month they are running the Get Out and Go campaign to encourage everyone to get outside for fresh air and fitness.

There are a few reasons why this campaign is awesome: it helps you get outside and embrace winter while getting plenty of fresh air, as well as provides you with a unique way to challenge yourself and have fun with trying a new fitness activity.

Stay fit during heart month! The Get Out And Go challenge is just what you need to get fit and have fun - and you can do it for yourself at any time of the year.

Staples provided me with an abundance of goodies: Jawbone Up 24, a case of blue Gatorade, a package of Special K fruit crisp bars, a box of Thinsations Chocolaty Covered Pretzels, and a Reebok 8-lb soft weighted ball. So much fun!

I was sad that my iPhone is ancient and can’t handle the Jawbone, but since I’ve been in desperate need of a new phone for, well, years, I figured now was a good time to upgrade. Hoping to get a new phone this week and then get started using the Jawbone! In the meantime, Mr. Science and I have been devouring the pretzels and bars—the ingredient list isn’t desirable but there’s no denying that they are tasty.

I’m also really looking forward to using the soft weighted ball—it’s very comfortable to hold and of a nice weight. It’s going to be an awesome addition to my little home gym!

Get out and go challenge

The goodies

My Get Out and Go Commitment

For this #GetOutandGo campaign, I’m committing to skating at least three times each week over the next month.

Unfortunately living in the center of a city, and living in Winnipeg especially, does not give me the opportunity to try many winter activities besides the ones I already do! I would love to snowshoe but there’s not really anywhere close by for me to snowshoe (plus I don’t have snowshoes); I’d also be interested in learning how to snowboard, but living on the prairies, there’s not much opportunity to go snowboarding 😉

So instead, I’m choosing skating. So far I’ve only been skating about once each week, so I’m challenging myself to skate more frequently this month… and I also want to learn how to do things like stop and turn!

I taught myself how to skate on the river years ago, but when you skate on a river, you don’t really need to learn how to do things like stop and turn. You just slow down or skate into a snow bank! Over the years I’ve learned how to skate over rough ice and how to skate fast, but that’s about the extent of it. I’m looking forward to skating as much as possible over the next four weeks.

chocolate covered pretzels

Will you participate in the Get Out and Go campaign? What are you doing to stay active in February? How will you be celebrating Heart Month? Share in the comments section below!

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