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How to get the most from your paper bag curls

Paper bag curls are one of my favorite hairstyles! It’s such a pretty (and gentle) hairstyle for all kinds of hair lengths.

The problem with paper bag curls is that it can take a long time to do it… but then you might only have the curls for a day before you wash you hair and they disappear!

paper bag curlsHere’s how to get the most out of your paper bag curls:

Day One: Do your paper bag curls in the evening while doing something else.

If you’ve been itching to listen to a podcast, or it’s time to watch your favorite TV show, do that while you’re curling your hair! Paper bag curls can take a considerable amount of time to do, so you might as well multi-task.

Do this step in the evening so that you can sleep with the paper bags in your curls.

Day Two: Take the paper bag strips out of your hair in the morning.

Leave your hair long and loose today! You’re going to love those bouncy curls.

Just be careful not to comb or brush your hair today, because you want to save those curls for tomorrow…

Day Three: Put your hair up in a clip.

I love this style. It looks so gorgeous when you clip your hair up and the curls are still there! Again, you’ll want to avoid combing or brushing your hair; just give them a quick rake-through with your fingers to eliminate frizzy pieces.

Day Four: Put your hair up in a clip again.

Depending on different factors (such as the weather, your hair type, and how much you’ve been exercising), your paper bag curls might look greasy and limp by Day Four. In that case, wash it out—at least you’ve had a couple nice days of it!

However, if your hair is still holding up pretty well, simply put it back up in its clip again. Voila!

What are your best tips for making a hairstyle last? Do you love paper bag curls? What’s your favorite way to style your hair? Share in the comments section below!

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