How to dress for fashion and function in the winter

One of the biggest issues I face in Winnipeg is how to dress for fashion and function in the winter. Our winters are cold and they last for months! It’s definitely important to strike a balance between dressing warm and dressing stylishly for this season.

dress for fashion and function in the winterHere’s how to dress for fashion and function in the winter:

1) Choose a high-quality material for your winter gear.

You could go for a gigantic winter parka, which will certainly keep you warm, but it’s not exactly got the edge on style. Instead, think about what materials will keep you warm and which still look elegant.

Wool or fur are always warm and generally look gorgeous (although be careful about the latter—if you’re choosing fur, always go either vintage or faux, and be wary about wearing any real fur places that it might get destroyed).

2) Layer up.

Add extra stylish (and warm!) pieces to your outfit: get a chunky scarf, an adorable hat, and big mittens. These are fundamental to dress for fashion and function in the winter! You can really tie these pieces to the rest of your outfit by color coding or making one of these items a statement piece of your outfit.

I find that if your extremities are cozy and warm, your core doesn’t have to have tons of layers on it, so be sure to wear little gloves underneath your mittens and thick socks in your boots, etc.

3) Go long and tall.

Invest in a coat that falls to your knees, and boots which go up to your knees. Alternatively, find a great pair of leg warmers (these are much harder to find if you’re short like me—but if you’re over about 5″6, you should be able to find leg warmers which will look super cute with any coat!).

When you want to dress for fashion and function in the winter, you can really master the art when you choose elegant articles of clothing that cover every inch of skin.

4) Choose fleecy pants.

One of my favorite items to wear is a pair of fleece-lined leggings. They’re form-fitting but also super warm! You can also wear thick tights under a dress, or simply add long underwear underneath your favorite pair of pants.

5) Be cognizant of how much time you’ll spend outside.

When you are trying to dress for fashion and function in the winter months, consider how much time you’ll actually spend outdoors. If you are driving from one place to the next, you won’t have to be so careful about your outfit choice as you will if you are going to be outdoors all evening, or walking for 30 minutes in a snowfall.

Always check the weather to know just how bundled up you have to get, and have several options—of coats, scarves, boots, and mittens—so that you’re well-prepared for any stylish event.

How do you dress for fashion and function in the winter? What are your winter style tips? Share in the comments section below!

Stay warm and look stylish this winter:


  1. Yum Yucky

    Yes ma’am! Functional is sooo important in winter, but I still gotta look cute. Layering is really important. I hate going outside in the cold. I have a sporty long coat but still need to acquire coaty-length for when I’m wearing fancier clothes.

    1. admin

      I’ve always struggled with priorities in the winter (looking cute vs. being warm). Now there’s no need to!

      Also, when the mother dear took me coat shopping last week (the sweetheart that she is), ALL OF THE COATS WERE ON SALE. This is apparently a very good time of year to buy warm (and stylish!) coats 🙂

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