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How to wear a fascinator

Fascinators are beautiful hairpieces that can make a great addition to your outfit. Here are some tips for how to best wear a fascinator:

MHC Foundation Gala May 2014

Fascinators are best worn at fancy events! Think galas, weddings, black-tie / formal affairs, and fancy dress occasions.


If you’re going to go all out and wear a fascinator, you want the rest of you to be just as dressed up so it doesn’t look out of place! Consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done (as pictured here, for a wedding).


Pick a fascinator in a style and color that suits you. I love how well the blue matches in the fascinator and the blouse, and the flower and netting detailing of the fascinator is so sweet!


Choose antique earrings and simple, classic jewelry to support the look that goes with the fascinator (without overwhelming this delightful hairpiece).


If you don’t have the resources to get your hair and makeup professionally done, you can still make this look sparkle with a red lip and smoothed-back, wavy hair.


You can also style your hair so that it’s pulled back from your face on both sides, lending a fun spin to this look.


This gorgeous shade of shiny navy blue goes wonderful with a creamy off-white 50s-style dress. The style of fascinator you choose will help determine how to angle it, but I love the look of it right above the ear.

How do you like to wear fascinators? What’s your favorite style of hairpiece? Share in the comments section below!


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