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My previous attempts to post videos have failed miserably. Maybe my camera isn’t compatible with WordPress, or maybe I’m just not technologically savvy at all, but in any case, my blogging has been strictly of the linguistic text variety with the occasional photograph. No videos to speak of around here.

However! All of that is about to (sort of) change if you care to click on a few links 🙂

The Levity Project

Check out this post to see people from all over the world (including me!) dancing on their way to work:

I’m the first dancer in the video (rocking out in Winnipeg, Manitoba ;)). I walk to work, hence why my dance is not specifically “car dancing”, even though that was the general idea of the video. I loved the notion of The Levity Project… it’s such a great reminder to inject a little bit of silliness into our lives. The smallest things can really brighten an otherwise regular day!

Eating Raw

Partway through my Raw Food Challenge in January, my vegan raw food friend Amanda interviewed me about my experiences. There were some computer glitches that prevented the interview from being posted on her website earlier, but the video interview is finally published! Bear in mind when you’re watching it that this was only midway through the challenge (when I was still super enthusiastic about it ;)).

The videos are each between about 5 and 10 minutes in length, but I know that my attention span barely lasts that long for Internet videos so I don’t expect yours to. Because of that, Amanda has typed out points of interest (and which minute-mark they’re at) in the “More Info” section beneath each video. You can see if there’s something that you’re more interested in and skip over to that part and ignore the boring parts (although in my opinion none of it’s boring, but I’m a wee bit biased).

You can watch our interview by clicking on the links below:

Part One: I talk about my reasons for going raw for a month, explain a bit about past Challenges that I have experimented with, and what I like about eating raw (hint: raw food is all real food!), as well as the difficulties I’ve had with it.

Part Two: We discuss the nutrient value of raw foods, and then I talk about my favourite raw recipes. I also explain the effect that raw food had on me during the Challenge, and we discuss the benefits of a vegan (or mostly-vegan) diet.

Part Three: I talk about how eating raw impacted my personal relationships and the difficulties of eating raw when I was out and about; we also discuss the role of food amongst friends and within social gatherings, and about creating variety and having fun with making raw recipes. In the last section of this part of the interview, I explain my usual way of eating and the ease of transition from my regular way of eating into the raw food diet.

Part Four: I explain what I was planning on changing for the latter part of the month (which ended up actually working out really well for my body), and I offer advice for other people thinking about trying out a raw food diet (in a nutshell: stick with what you like and don’t force yourself!).

I hope you enjoy the videos! I had a wonderful time chatting with Amanda. We didn’t expect the interview to be as long as it was but we just had so much to say and share with each other (and all of you)! Let me know if you have any questions about eating raw and I’d be happy to answer them.

It was also a ton of fun to be able to participate in The Levity Project. I don’t exactly have what is commonly referred to as “rhythm” (haha), but I love dancing. It is one of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves because it involves completely letting loose and being yourself, regardless of who might be raising their eyebrows at you. Dance with confidence!

What little things throughout the day make you happy? Do you enjoy dancing? Are you willing to dance down the street, even for a few seconds?


  1. Lance

    YOU…are an awesome dancer!!! And I love that you were taking your “dance” out into the world, where anyone could see! What a bright shiny start to the day!!

    And as I listened to part of the raw food journey – what caught my attention was how you had the support of your boyfriend. Support…in whatever we do…is a pretty great thing! Very awesome!!

    Anyway, great fun all around!! (and that makes life pretty awesome!)

  2. The Candid RD

    I love to dance. I really do. I am not good at it, but to me it’s a form of art and expression, that I CAN’T do with a marker, crayon, or paint (I have no artistic ability). I like to be able to move my body freely and just do whatever the heck I want. I LOVE your dancing in the video. You just look so…happy! Doesn’t it just put a smile on your face?? Just watching that video made me a little happier 🙂

  3. Sagan Morrow

    Lance- It was so much fun to do the video- thank YOU for letting me know all about it! Yes, the boyfriend is very supportive, and he was also the one to film the street-dancing. He’s such a good sport, hehe.

    Gina- Yay! Happiness is the intention 🙂 I can’t do a THING with paint etc, either… but I do love the freedom of dancing.

    Love2eatinpa & South Beach Steve- Am glad you enjoyed! I think I’m a pretty contentedly happy person in general 🙂

    Charlotte- There’s something about dancing in an unexpected place that’s so giggle-worthy, isn’t there?

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