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March’s Nutrition Challenge: The Carb Lovers Diet

March was supposed to be the month for the Mediterranean diet, but since Mr Science isn’t a huge fan of seafood, and I received a lovely book in the mail to review (The Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook), I decided to make my new cookbook the nutrition-challenge-of-the-month! This book includes recipes for muffins, steak, potato wedges, smoothies, pasta, pancakes, banana bread, cocktails and cakes! I happen to really adore carbs, I really like the looks of the ingredients in this book, and it includes a lot of Mr Science-friendly recipes* so I think it’s the perfect option for next month.

This book really concentrates on proper portion sizes, which is probably my biggest challenge. I know what a portion size is, but I’m not very good at sticking with one portion! However, I think that because this cookbook has such a nice variety of meals and snacks, and since there’s a detailed 1-month diet plan at the back, it should be something I can really work with.

carblovers diet

The book says to expect to lose up to 12 lbs by the end of the month, so I’m making it my goal to lose 8 lbs this month (and if I lose more than that, that’s awesome!). I haven’t done my measurements for February yet, but what with it being a very busy month and me not counting calories, I have a feeling that I’ll really need to up the ante for March!

GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below if YOU would like to win your very own copy of the Carb Lovers Diet Cookbook. It’s a fantastic cookbook with super tasty recipes and beautiful photographs. Definitely a giveaway you want to win! Winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 7.

*Mr Science is happy to try my vegetarian, vegan and raw recipes, but he’d like to include some steak or chicken in our meals a little more often. He’s such a good sport!


  1. charlotte

    Oooh I’m super interested to see how this goes for you! I’m a total carb girl myself – bad things happen when I try to take them out – and yet I have to make sure they’re high-quality carbs. So tricky. Looking forward to your review!

  2. Brian Csupak

    Hmm Sagan, that pasta on the cover looks an awful lot like it isn’t whole wheat! Do you tend to eat mostly whole wheat pasta, or do you indulge in the white stuff?

    1. Sagan Morrow

      Ha, it DOES look like white pasta! I don’t eat white pasta and I don’t usually have whole wheat, either – I prefer brown rice pasta. But if that’s not available then whole wheat is generally the next choice 🙂 I can think of better things to indulge in than boring white pasta.

      Also kamut and spelt and grains like that are fun for pasta. Yum!

  3. Anne

    I am ready to begin the Carb Lovers Diet and would like as many recipes as I can get my hands on for a variety. Looking for recipes with barley which I hear is high in resistant carbs. I was surprised to find out that rye bread is high on that list as well.

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