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One Braid, Four Ways

This look is perfect if you have long hair. Simply section off a small amount of hair from one side of your head and braid that section. Secure it with an elastic, and then… style!

how to braid hair

The braid.

You can leave the rest of your hair down the way it is, or tie up all of it (braid and the rest of your hair) into a side ponytail. You can also wrap the braid around the back of your head, or twist it into a bun.

braided hairstyle

Secure the braid on the other side of your head with bobby pins or hair clips.

braided bun

I like this look – twist up all of your hair into a bun. You’ll still have a pretty braid along the side of your head!

What’s your favorite way of styling your hair with braids? Share in the comments section below!


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