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Josie over at Yum Yucky issued a plank challenge, and seeing as abs exercises are my most favourite form of fitness, I figured I’d better accept the challenge!

In the video below, I do everything from talk about my 100 Push Ups Challenge to dance (while holding the plank position. I’m just that cool) to perform a one-armed plank (on both sides). It’s actually worth it to watch the whole video all the way through – this is sports entertainment, Living Healthy in the Real World style!

Are you going to take part in the #plankathon? What’s your favourite abs exercise?


  1. Yum Yucky

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again….you ARE the Queen of All Things Planky, baby! Sagan, you actually got this started back last year when you tweeted about your 5-minute plank. Ever since then I’ve been inspired to keep planking. 🙂

  2. Mary Anne in Kentucky

    I had to wait to comment until I’d tried the timer thing myself. First I did my usual yoga holding plank for ten breaths in the middle of sun salute. Then, when I’d finished my yoga session, I got out the stop-watch and held plank for a minute. It turns out that my ten breaths is about thirty seconds. It didn’t get hard until fifty seconds, and much to my surprise my core muscles were trembling before my shoulders and wrists started to complain, about five seconds before I quit. (I Do Not Stress my shoulders.) I am so not into challenges, but I think I must pursue this timer thing further.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      It’s really neat to be able to track progress with a timer like that – and I find it interesting because some days when I do a plank, I’m pretty much done after about 2 minutes. Other times I can hold for 4. It’s crazy how much our capabilities can vary from day to day, based on our other activities that we’ve done, or our fuel sources, or how much sleep we’ve had, or how much we’re into it mentally… there are so many variables!

  3. Pubsgal

    YOU are amazing! Over 6 minutes? Duuuuude!

    I was *trying* to ignore this challenge, but then Foodie posted a video of her mom doing a plank, and that won me over. I used the stop watch on my phone to time it, and I went 2 minutes; I was surprised by this, because I thought I could only do about 30 seconds.

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