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Popchips review and giveaway

Chips, popcorn, and other salty snack foods are really tough to stop eating. I think that most of us have cravings for these foods at least some of the time. I certainly have a weakness for salty snacks!

Enter Popchips. What can I say about Popchips? The first time I tried them, I was in heaven. They are so tasty! Seriously, these things are awesome. My favourite by far is the Original flavour. I also quite like the BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion flavours… and I have never liked Sour Cream & Onion-flavoured chips. Even the Cheddar-flavoured ones aren’t too bad (I’m neutral on Salt & Vinegar, but it’s the boyfriend’s favourite flavour).

tasty snack

They have a slight greasiness, reminiscent of chips, but they’re popped like popcorn. The best of both worlds! More than that, they’re fairly low in calories: 120 calories for one ounce (about 22 chips). Even if you eat a couple ounces (because who can stop at one?), it’s still not going to put you over the edge if you factor it into your day.

Sodium is a bit much at 280 mg per ounce. Considering that you’ll probably eat about two ounces of these chips, that brings you to 560 mg… just from chips! That’s over a third of the amount that you should have in your entire day. So keep that in mind and try not to go overboard (I know. It’ll be tough. Popchips are deliciously addicting).

Surprisingly, Popchips aren’t really low in fat. They have less fat than most other chips, but honestly not by very much. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s just something to keep in mind.

The ingredients in Popchips aren’t the worst, but they aren’t the best, either. The Popchips website says that they’ll be changing some of their recipes so I’m hoping that they’ll be reducing ingredient lists, maybe choosing healthier oils and that sort of thing. But for the most part I wasn’t too concerned with the ingredient list in Popchips. As a processed food, it’s good enough.

As far as health goes, I wouldn’t call Popchips “healthy”. But they are definitely a healthier chip than most of what you’ll see on the market, and they are by far one of my all-time favourite chips out there in terms of flavour! I really love the taste of Popchips.

Would you like to try out Popchips for yourself? Of course you would! To enter to win my Popchips giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me why you want to try Popchips, how you snack healthy, or how you feel about “healthier” products on the market. Please also “like” Popchips on Twitter or friend them on Facebook in order to be eligible for this giveaway.

Winner will be announced one week from today, on Wednesday, March 16.


  1. drock

    These look like something that would be much better than my currently beyond-unhealthy cheese addiction. And as I’ve recently taken up running, the one thing I’ve been craving after a workout is something salty and crunchy. I’ll take them!

  2. Geosomin

    Mmm…I’ve been wanting to try these for a long time (I used to LOVE those shimp flavoured chinese crackers that are similar but not baked and not so good for you) but I haven’t been able to find any.
    I would have them with a gin and tonic, as a way to stay away from the really unhealthy munchies around when I get together on movie nights with friends.I’m trying to find healthy snacks. I’m a nibbler and I can’t not have that every once in a while in moderation. Things like baked pretzels, rice cakes and such are OK -I like crunchy slightly salty things so these would be just the thing.
    I’m hoping they’re at *my* safeway soon…I try and stay out of the snack isle…I’ll have to take a wander…:)

  3. The Bird Cage

    I actually tried these during program!!!! Hahahaha as they tried to get us to eat “normal” snakcs with a healthy twist, someone suggested these. I liked them OK, but i like Chee-cha puffs better, I think! But, maybe, if i try them now the experience will be more enjoyable and less institutional πŸ™‚

    thanks for the give-away!

  4. sophia

    I love Pop Chips!! Esp the BBQ and the salt and vinegar flavors. πŸ™‚ I just love to snack on them while reading, but preferably not typing because then I’ll have to constantly lick and wipe my fingers.

  5. mary a.

    I don’t know if they are similar, but I have been really enjoying the Special K cracker chips, sea salt flavor. They are delish, light and not heavy. I would love to compare these popchips. As far as snacking healthy, I know you are not a juice fan, but I find that juice helps keep me full, and it is easy to grab a single serving bottle at the convenience store. I also have a juicer, so mixing your own flavors lets you find just what you love. Homemade pineapple and ginger is still my favorite. YUM!

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  7. Donna

    Im always looking for healthier food/snack options, low fat being most important to me and I seen that these aren’t real low on fat, but are still better then a lot of others.. I haven’t seen these in the stores in my area, but will check again next time I go to town. I would definitely love to win some. I follow popchips on twitter and on facebook.

  8. Rena Morrison

    I have never tried these but would be really interested it them. i am on weigth watchers and looking at point system and they are 2 points the same as what weight watchers chips are but yet I do believe these are cheaper and would love to try a sample of them

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