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Possession of Condo and a Mid-Challenge Yoga Report

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Today is a big day for me: I get the keys to my condo. I now have possession of it and I am truly a homeowner! I’ll be going in this afternoon after writing an exam to check the place over and ensure that everything works like it should.

I have spent much of this past week packing up my apartment. I’ll be moving some of my things this weekend, but the bigger things won’t be moved until Monday. Originally I figured I would round up some friends to help me move things like desks and tables and beds, but then I opted for hiring movers. I had to hire a mover for the piano anyways, and this way my mind will be at ease; the people moving my furniture will actually know what they’re doing and how to handle it all. Definitely worth it, compared to renting a truck and going through that kind of hassle!

It feels good to be moving.

30-Day Yoga Challenge: Mid-Challenge Report

My 30-day yoga challenge is going great so far. Mostly I’m doing 20-minute free downloads from Yoga Download; I love the short sessions and the instructors are fantastic. I tried doing some stretches and moves that I found described on the Internet, but they just made me impatient and I started rushing through the moves. I’m much better at properly performing the yoga moves when I have someone telling me what to do, how to do it, and what to watch out for (eg. not to let the back slouch).

Last Friday I took a nap instead of doing yoga, and it was just as calming to nap as it was to practice yoga (I never nap. But somehow, it felt right). On Saturday, I was feeling stressed about moving house and studying for exams, so I neglected to go for my usual walk or to practice yoga. The result: I overate, felt cranky and sluggish, didn’t do nearly as much work as I would have liked to, and slept restlessly.

After subjecting to myself to three hours of walking and 20 minutes of yoga on Sunday, I felt much better, and accomplished a great deal more in terms of packing and studying. Clearly yoga- and plenty of walking- are necessary for my sanity and ability to be productive. Even though yesterday I skimped out on yoga practice again. Oops. I was at work for 10 hours, and then had to rush straight to an appointment in the evening; by the time I arrived home, I felt as though my options were either to pack or to do yoga before I’d call it a night. I was feeling pretty relaxed and stress-free, so I opted to pack up a few boxes. I don’t regret that choice, but I’m still making sure that today I get in a good yoga session!

Are you doing the yoga challenge? How’s it coming along for you? Got any tips on moving from one house to another for me?

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  1. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman

    Congrats on finally and officially being a homeowner. I absolutely hate moving, but if it’s into your own home it’s so worth it. I’ve moved every year since 2004 and let me just say that hiring movers is the smartest decision you could have made. It makes the whole deal so much less stressful. Good luck!

  2. Monica

    Congrats on the condo! Great news. And now you have a great empty space to practice yoga in. =) BTW, I’m a walking addict. I get antsy if I don’t get my walks in. Enjoy the new digs and happy posing!

  3. Sagan Morrow

    Tracey- EVERY YEAR? Gah. Part of the reason why I’m buying a condo is so that I won’t have to deal with moving for a while 😉 Moving is such a hassle.

    Blake- Thanks so much!

    Monica- Me too. I haven’t gone for a proper walk yet today and I’m getting stir-crazy because of it, heh.

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Oh, Sagan, I’m sooo happy for you! Good for you for hiring a mover. I did with my last move and they were worth every cent they charged. They arrived at 9 a.m. and had moved everything by noon. And that was before I did some significant decluttering. 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Holly

    That is wonderful, Sagan! Congratulations! Hmmm…tips on moving – get lots of helping hands? 🙂 I hate to ask people for help, but it made the world of a difference in my move. There are so many decisions you don’t think about (where to put furniture, decorations, how to set things up), and a ton of them at once can seem overwhelming. So if people offer to help, definitely take them up on it! Good luck and enjoy your move!

  6. Sagan Morrow

    Cammy- I am SO glad I hired movers. It would have been such a pain to move all this stuff on my own!

    Holly- I shall definitely have to consult people on the best positions for my furniture… especially because it’s a loft condo, all one room with no bedroom, it will be tricky to set it up.

    Bag Lady- Thanks! When I eventually rip up the carpets to put in laminate floors, I may have to consult you for advice 😉

    Sophia- Tehehe thanks, dear!

  7. love2eatinpa

    congrats on the condo!

    tip for moving – buy some colored circle stickers at the dollar store. put a certain colored sticker on boxes the that go in the kitchen, the boxes that go in the dining room, bedrooms, etc, and then make yourself a key so you know what all the stickers mean. during the move , you can direct the movers to take each box to the room it belongs to.

    good luck!

  8. Hanlie

    How exciting! I am so pleased for you and very impressed that you have bought property at such a young age. You are so much more savvy about just about everything than I was when I was your age.

    I agree about the movers. It’s worth the expense!

  9. Sagan Morrow

    Love2eatinpa- Thanks so much! Great idea for the coloured stickers- my condo is a loft so it’s not really necessary (there’s no rooms! Hehe), but that’s a fantastic way to stay organized.

    Hanlie- It’s been a CRAZY couple days of packing things up, and I can’t imagine moving it all myself… hoping that everything goes well with the movers!

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