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Product Review: Galaxy Granola Fruit Not Fat

I’ve become a little backlogged with the number of product reviews that I need to do, and normally my policy is that I write up my reviews in the same order that I receive the products in. Today I’m making an exception to that rule.

I don’t like to buy granola or cereal. I prefer to make my own instead. I like using my own modified version of DietGirl’s recipe for granola, in which mashed banana replaces all of the fats in the recipe. It tastes wonderful and it’s the perfect topping to a bowl of puffed wheat! I love it.

The problem with store-bought granola/cereal, besides being quite expensive, is that they tend to be loaded with sugar, fat, and calories. I like having a lot more control over the healthiness of the ingredients that I use, and I’m also quite picky: I don’t like nuts and seeds in my granola/cereal (and usually nuts and seeds are a key part of granola). I like eating them on their own rather than mixed in a bowl with grains. Call me crazy; that’s just the way it is.

When Jamie at Galaxy Granola Fruit Not Fat contacted me about being one of their company’s VIP bloggers, I was slightly hesitant. I really do not like to affiliate myself with food companies because often there is something in the product that I do not approve of. I just really prefer making food myself rather than buying pre-packaged versions because I know that my version is likely a lot healthier.

But I looked at the ingredient lists online and I was pleased with what I saw, so I agreed to at least taste-test the granola and figured we’d go from there.

I have never tasted granola this good. I will freely admit that it’s even better than my own homemade granola.

I received three large packages of Cranberry Orange, Vanilla Almond, and Not Sweet Vanilla granola. Each contains roughly 115 calories, 1.5 g fat, 22g carbs, 4 g fibre, 5 g sugar, and 4 g protein per 1/4 cup serving. The amount of fibre is roughly 16% of the recommended daily amount for the average adult. The amount of sugar is equal to about 1 tsp (per 1/4 cup). Not too shabby at all!

The ingredients are all natural and recognizable. Whole rolled oats, barley flakes, spelt flakes, agave nectar, crisp rice, apples, vanilla extract, and oat bran are the basics for each of these kinds of granola; the add-ins include simple ingredients such as almonds, cranberries, orange peel, and evaporated cane juice to personalize each flavour. Not Sweet Vanilla amusingly has agave nectar listed as the third ingredient, whereas the other two flavours don’t have sugar until the fifth ingredient. Even so, there is not a lot of sugar in this granola- just enough to lightly sweeten it. In each of these packages, whole rolled oats is the first ingredients and apples, the second. This also means that part of that 1 tsp of sugar per serving is natural, good sugar from the fruit. So, there is less than 1 tsp of added sugar per serving, and it is added sugars that we want to limit our consumption of (naturally occurring sugars, such as the sugar in fruit and vegetables, is quite healthy for you).

I love that this granola uses apples in place of oils and other fats. You can’t even taste a hint of apple flavour (unlike the granola that I make, in which you can definitely detect the banana flavour). The Vanilla Almond flavour was far and away my favourite; I picked out all of the almonds (of course!), but the hint of almond extract and vanilla extract in the granola is swoon-worthy. The orange peel flavour in Cranberry Orange was very subtle; I bet that a Blueberry Lemon granola flavour would taste just as delicious (maybe we can convince Galaxy Granola to come out with that flavour, too? :)).

Galaxy Granola would taste great on its own or mixed with cereal and topped with milk. It’s not particularly high in protein or calcium and other micronutrients, but it is a fantastic alternative to just about any other kind of granola or cereal, and the combination of different kinds of flakes (barley, spelt, rolled oats) offers a variety of nutrients rather than if all of the flakes were just rolled oats. I’m hoping to see a further variety of oats and flakes in future flavours for added nutrients.

This product has also been tested, approved, and wow-ed by the mother dear. Check out the Fruit Not Fat website and get inspired to do your own cooking/baking by replacing unnecessary added fats with all-natural fruit!

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  1. Sagan Morrow

    Tracey- “it’s like an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast–so sugary!” Agreed. As far as I’m concerned, most breakfast cereals and granolas and such- heck, even some kinds of BREAD- are really dessert in disguise.

    Dr. J- I’ll have to start walking around wearing sunglasses to hide myself from the paparazzi which I’m sure are going to start following me around everywhere 😉 I’m the same way; granola isn’t something I normally eat, but I like to know that there are healthy options out there. And this stuff is actually good enough that it might get me addicted to eating it regularly, heh.

    Westwood- 🙂 Thanks, my dear!

  2. Matthew

    Hello Sagan!

    After reading your article, I feel so compelled to try this granola bar. I am a fan of natural-ingredient type of granola bars, especially those that contain little sugar, like this one. I live in St Louis, MO. Where can I purchase it from?

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