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Product Review: Miracle Skin Transformer

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I use moisturizer daily, so when I was offered the opportunity to try out this product before it has even been released to the public, I was all too eager to do so. Disclaimer: I received the sample for free and did not receive any further compensation for this review.

I must admit that the name of the moisturizer turns me off. “Miracle” and “Transformer” make me think of an infomercial. There are likely consumers who will be all over the product simply for its name, but I am not one of them. I prefer low-key brand names, myself, but that’s an aside and probably a more suitable discussion for Living Rhetorically in the Real World 😉

The two samples that I received were “medium” and “tan”. Now, my skin tone is really quite fair, so it would probably have been more appropriate for the company to have sent me perhaps the “light” and “medium” (“fair” is suggested for men, “light” for fair skin tones, “medium” for a “sun kissed look”, and “tan” for darker skin). Putting that aside, I found that although the samples were a little on the dark side for my skin tone, they worked with it instead of against it. In other words, the moisturizer enhanced the shades of my skin so that it didn’t look as though I was wearing a product that was too dark for my skin tone.

I loved the silky feeling of this moisturizer when I smoothed it into my skin. It feels very much the same way that Smashbox Primer feels when you smooth it on; somehow it makes your skin feel incredibly soft to the touch. Miracle Skin Transformer also has an SPF of 20, thus working as a combined sunscreen and moisturizer. It also includes vitamin E, saw palmetto extract, and CO enzyme Q10, in addition to several other nutrients that revitalize the skin.

This moisturizer would be a great product for the winter months when the summer tan has faded – it offers just the right touch of darkness to achieve that “sun-kissed” look. I like it. Because it is a moisturizer, it doesn’t feel heavy, either. This product would be a really good introduction for anyone who isn’t exactly sure how to wear make-up. Too many people pile on foundation and concealer when all we really need is a little bit of moisturizer to hydrate the skin. This kind of tinted moisturizer is a good compromise for people who feel naked without some kind of make up.

This product will be available on the market on August 1st, 2010.


    1. Sagan Morrow

      Michelle- I must admit that I do not know very much about ingredients when it comes to non-food products, BUT these ones appear to be fairly decent and are from natural sources. I think that as far as lotions and make up go, Miracle Skin Transformer is a good choice in terms of having healthier ingredients.

      Cammy- Smashbox is the heaven of the makeup world 🙂

  1. karen-fitnessjourney

    I’m allergic to a lot of cosmetics, including sunscreens. I’ve only found one that works, but I haven’t had too much trouble with this type of product. I too have fair skin. Does the company make a product for us girls with pale complexions?

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