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Review of two different kinds of water on the market

I recently tried two water products: ONE Coconut Water and ASEA water. I enjoyed “one” (hehe!) of them but was not keen on the other. Let’s begin with ASEA water.

salt waterWhen I first heard about ASEA, I was skeptical. I didn’t really understand what the point of it was (to be honest, I didn’t even know what it was). The boyfriend helped me out with the science part of the website, and I figured I might as well try the water.

It wasn’t until ASEA arrived and I could read the ingredient list that I realized that there is salt added to the water. Salt! A considerable amount, too: 123 mg per 4 oz water (for comparison purposes, we shouldn’t have more than 1,500 mg sodium in a day; 300 mg is the maximum amount that we should really have in one meal). The water tastes disgusting. Super salty. Awful. Besides that, there’s enough salt in the Standard American Diet without the need of adding salt in water! As the mother dear commented, this water might be useful for super intense athletes – think Olympics-style athletes who need to replace the sodium they’ve lost – but definitely not for the average person, or even an especially active person.

I now have boxes of water that I am never going to drink. Any takers?

Now on to the water I do like! Well, sort of. I tried ONE Coconut Water on its own and did not like the taste at all, but that’s to be expected because I don’t like the taste of coconut. The sistertraveller adores ONE Coconut water, so she’d be a better judge of something like the taste of it. At any rate, I chose to use my samples of ONE in a tropical smoothie, mixed with greens, mango and frozen banana. It worked great! And I really love all of the nutrients that are in coconut water. It’s packed full of nutrients and an awesome choice for a smoothie.

natural waterCoconut water is a brilliant concept because it is full of potassium and electrolytes. It is low-sodium (60 mg per 11 oz) and, although it contains quite a bit of sugar, it is all naturally occurring sugar and therefore it is sugar that our bodies need.

The ingredients in ASEA are distilled water and sodium chloride. I have recently learned that even distilled water can have negative health effects because it strips the water of its naturally occurring minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The ingredient in ONE coconut water, however, is simply 100% natural coconut water. If I have the choice between “doctored” water and natural water, I’m going to go with the natural stuff.

In the battle between waters, ONE Coconut Water is a much better way to hydrate, nourish and replenish energy stores than ASEA water. On every level. I have to give the folks at ASEA kudos, however, for the vast quantities of their product that they sent me: a gigantic box with four large bottles and about a dozen smaller packs to take on marathons and such. I always appreciate it when a company is generous.

Have you tried ASEA water or ONE coconut water? Do you drink any “sports-style” drink (natural or otherwise)? What are your thoughts on the notion of adding sodium to water?


  1. Yum Yucky

    Now they’re marketing salt water? That’s just silliness. I struggle with anything coconut. I do add some bits of it to my homemade cookies, but I tried coconut milk and coconut oil. Both? Pure nastiness.

    1. Sagan Morrow

      That’s why I liked using it in my smoothie – couldn’t taste the coconut at all 😀 I’m not a fan of coconut oil either (in terms of taste – I like the nutritional profile), but I haven’t tried coconut milk… doubt I’d like it.

      And yes, salt water IS silliness. Well said!

  2. Dr. J

    There was a reason for the saying, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

    Seems to me that the salt, and that it is in a plastic bottle are two strikes against ASEA. Maybe applied topically with a luffa will help you and the boyfriend use up the extras.

    I have never liked the taste of coconut either 🙂

    1. westwood

      Ha! But good observation on the double strike. All forms of bottled water are an immense threat to water security, water scarcity, and human rights development worldwide and I absolutely cannot get behind any of them.

  3. FitBottomedMama

    I haven’t tried salt water (on purpose, anyway!) but I did try coconut water a couple of years ago. I HATED it, and I even like coconut. It just tasted wrong…and I kept sipping thinking that surely my taste buds were wrong. I ended up tossing most of it. I’ll just drink my water straight up, thanks!

  4. Jody - Fit at 53

    Not going after that salt water! 😉

    I LOVE coconut & my treat coconut cream flavor coffee that I only find one place. BUT the best is from Hawaii & have not been there in a long time. I have tried the different waters but usually end up mixing with something else.

  5. Mimi (Gingersnaps)

    I love coconut water. If I’m a bit dehydrated it perks me right up. It’s even gotten rid of dehydration-related headaches.

    Because I have low blood pressure, I sometimes do add a pinch of sea salt to my water. But I’m with Paul Chek on it — he says you shouldn’t be able to taste the salt. So if it tastes like salt water, it’s way too salty.

    What if you just super diluted the salt water? If you don’t get any takers that is.

  6. cathy

    I hate to say it, but while I LOVE coconuts, I actually hate coconut water. Whether it comes fresh from inside a coconut or bottled (boxed or however), the taste turns my stomach. But, yeah, it is good for you. Kind of wish I did like it more. 🙂

  7. Geosomin

    I’d be interested to try the coconut milk. Up until about 6 months ago I didn’t care for coconut at all (or tomatoes, or raisins…). Lately I’ve fallen in love with it, and I’ve been cooking and baking with coconut milk and coconut oil. I’ve found I like a lot of things I didn’t used to like…it’s quite odd. I think cocnut water would be great, partidularly in smoothies.
    My husband bought some peppermint water when we were in France – it was horrid. Like you’d just brushed your teeth. He loved it. Blech.
    The salty water baffles me. Like we need more sodium in our current diet! There’s salt pills for that if you’re an athlete who needs more sodium, or gatorade. I can’t imagine buying a bottle of salty water on purpose. Yuk.

  8. Muriel

    I usually love new coconut water, but only directly from the coconut, the other stuff (from cans) is gross. I have a little new coconut opener (kinda like a corkscrew), and it works really well for opening them.

  9. antioxidant juice

    People complain about lacking good health, all the time sucking on sugar containing crap and smoking and sitting on their butts. Duh! Why don’t you try just incorporating a good dose of antioxidants into your diet on a daily basis. Not just once a week or once a month but every single day, instead of all the junk food. My bet is that you’ll see your health improve vastly. Of course this will do nothing for those of you who are addicted to sugar or smoking because then you’ll think those things are ok for you and continue doing them. Dorks!!

  10. snohawk

    I’ll take the ASEA if your giving it away, not crazy about coconuts. I tried the ASEA from a friend of mine who gave it to me for my gout problem. The next morning i had immediate relief. EMail me, you have no idea what’s in your hands. How much you got and how much you selling it for?

  11. Fred Saunders

    I have seen people relieved of pain after drinking ASEA, I slept better, and no more constipation. My resistance and endurance improved 20% and the black spots in my left eyes were gone after 3 days of spraying directly into my eyes. My grandson’s boil in his mouth was gone after a day after spraying ASEA. My cousin’s wound stopped bleeding after soaking it in ASEA.
    Of course, since we are built differently and the amount of toxins we already have differs from slight to worst, the effect of ASEA would be different. The more toxins you have the more ASEA is needed to feel the change. There’s no overdose since it’s a natural content in our body, it’s just replacing them because as we aged this are reduced from 100% when we were born to around 20% only at the age of 70, and our body needs this Redox Signaling Molecules to fight free radicals and antibodies that we get from different intakes, foods, stress, exposure to sun, smog, cigarettes, alcohol, and abuse to our bodies.

  12. Joyce B

    It is salt water people! Salt water! You need not pay some company for this you can make gallons and gallons of it on your own for less than $5. The oceans are full of it! Yes salt water helps boils in your mouth, yes it will help stop bleeding, and if you bother to do research on Epson Salts, in small doses it will work to cleanse and detox however… Listerine clears up boils and stops bleeding and just drinking any regular water will detox a person, if you stop consuming junk! I believe if I ever get to the point where I feel the need to consume great amounts of salt water, I will load myself in my car! drive to a beach and enjoy the sand, sun and all the FREE salt water I can drink. Oh yeah, that’s right drinking salt water(ocean water) can kill you! Hummm so I would drink ASEA why?

    1. Cyndie

      Salt water doesn’t help control mixed connective tissue disease – lupus, Dermatomyositis, Crohn’s, etc which I had been collecting for probably the last twenty years. ASEA has helped tremendously. If something helps clean out cells that have become impermeable because of toxins, that won’t show on the list of ingredients. You can’t mix table salt with water and get the same result. No, I do not sell ASEA, I buy it. I also buy it for friends and family who I think it might help. Several are still taking it with excellent results. If you don’t have chronic health problems maybe it won’t help you. But don’t conclude that those of us it does help are just foolish.

      1. Sandy

        Hi Cyndie,
        Thanks for sharing your story… and reminding people how dangerous assumptions are. As I scrolled through this “tweet” and read each and every post… yes EVERY one, I’m reminded that “people don’t know what they don’t know.”

        The most unfortunate element in all the preceding comments was the naivete regarding “salt” vs. the patented process that ASEA has discovered, and patented to stabilize redox signaling molecules, which IS what makes ASEA what it is.

        And ASEA isn’t only “all natural” it is NATIVE TO THE BODY. There are only two places in the world that one can get redox signaling molecules, your own body, and ASEA.

        Glad you and your loved ones are experiencing positive benefits from ASEA. That is after all, what we all desire, regardless of the “product”, mechanism or technology that we choose.

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