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Sitting is killing you

You all know that I’m a big proponent of walking (glorious glorious walking!), but I’m also a big advocate of standing. There are so many reasons why we should stand more often in the day than sit! I recently received an email promoting the graphic below and was asked to share it with my readers. Normally I don’t talk about the media pitches that I get just because there are too many of them to keep track of (and many of them aren’t things that I would talk about here on the blog anyways), but this is one which I believe very strongly in and was delighted to be contacted about!

When I work at home, I stand in front of my computer. At my receptionist job, I also stand in front of the computer. I sit down in the evenings and I sit at one of my communications jobs, but I’m only at that particular job for eight hours each week (four hours in the morning each on Mondays and Tuesdays). At that job, I make a point of getting up a few times during my work hours to get more hot water for my tea from the cafeteria down the hall and to use the restroom. Even stretching your legs just a little bit about once each hour will greatly benefit you.

Here is the truth about sitting:

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

What about you? Do you sit or stand during the day? How do you deal with a desk job? Were you aware of the dangers of sitting? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. Jody - Fit at 53

    I have read this post so many places & it is important info for sure! I am a fidgeter & even when I am sitting, I tend to move around a lot & in my older years have moved a lot more than sat even when working… a good thing for sure! Even if a person has a desk job, nothing prevents them from sitting & standing & sitting & standing – ah, squats! 🙂

  2. Maria @ my waist loss journey

    Hi Sagan, loved this info…at my job I stand, but at home I am sitting at the computer…really makes you think, I have been walking either B4 ir during work breaks, love on my days off walking the dogs, getting them exercise as well…

    I can’t wait till this weekend, I will be coming in on Thursday at about 4:30 and leaving Sunday morning…I am assuming that you and the other roommate are still planning on attending, please let me know when you will be arriving…Maria

  3. Jacqui

    Looking at the current statistics regarding obesity I agree — sitting is destroying our health as a nation. Right now I am working with adults various disabilities and many of them are wheelchair bound or rely on wheelchairs to get safely to/from their destinations. My challenge is to find creative ways to help them stay active – while staying seated (or within their limits).

    Its my first time visiting your blog — nice work!

  4. mary a.

    I am a teacher, so I rarely sit during the day. However, I LOVE coming home and relaxing on the couch to grade papers and/or watch a movie. With a cup of tea or coffee and glass of water, I might not get up for hours! Yikes! Maybe I should get up and stretch more?….

  5. westwood

    Very interesting. However I am dismayed the intriguing graphic only had 1 academic source. It’s got to be hard to tease out the correlations (does increased sitting cause sedentary lifestyle and weight gain or does sedentary lifestyle and weight gain cause an increase in sitting?). But this is something I’d like to hear more about, if you have time to spew facts at me! 🙂

    p.s. totally stalked you in those conference photos. I saw a sagan doing yoga stretches things!

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