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The ice cream picture, as promised:(I like my PYREX). As you can see, I have been enjoying a couple spoonfuls every few nights! There’s not too much left now. The next random food that I make will hopefully be more interesting than a white blob (even successful recipes like my butter and ice cream can look boring and unappetizing, unfortunately. But I assure you that they taste great!).

Tuesday was, sadly, my very last day of bellydancing. I was planning on taking the intermediate classes but they decided to cancel the next course. So no luck there. I was incredibly disappointed but I’m trying to look at it in the optimistic light that now I get to try out something new! The only “dancing” I’d done before these classes was ballet when I was about 4 years old, but I have learned from the bellydancing that even though I’m not all that graceful, I really enjoy dancing. The big decision now is what new activity to take up. Should I try another form of dance? Or should I try out some kind of martial art (something I’ve always wanted to do)? I won’t be starting anything up for another month or so, at least, I think (the combination of boot camp and the Action Hero Workout is quite enough to keep me on my toes at the moment!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t start looking! Hit me up with ideas and suggestions. Anything you’ve tried and enjoyed? Anything you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to?
I was very excited last night when the boyfriend invited me to play tennis with him and his friend. I think I’ve played tennis once in my life, years ago. I hated it. My family used to own badminton racquets, too, which I also disliked very strongly (I seriously lack in hand-eye coordination and when I was younger I found it incredibly frustrating). But he enjoys tennis, and it was time to try playing the sport again and see if I liked it this time around.
They were patient teachers, luckily, and taught me the basics of tennis and how to stand and swing and the angle in which to do so. They explained how to judge where the ball will land, and from their tips and advice I managed to get some rallying back and forth going. I’m not much of a server and I hit the ball a little bit too hard (its surprising how little power and force you need for that ball to go far!), but I had a really good time with it! So when I go to buy my new walking shoes (the current shoes are beginning to fall apart, sadly), I think I will also pick up a cheap racquet and join the boys on some of their games. I’m so happy to discover that I enjoy tennis after all of these years! But I think that I’ll stay away from my other nemesis, volleyball, for a little while longer. I’m not quite ready to give that one another shot.
What will you be bringing from the storage closet now that spring/summer are on the way? Swimming goggles? Bikes? Baseball bats? Share your favourites!


  1. the Bag Lady

    Take up tap-dancing! That would be fun.
    The Bag Lady used to be an adequate badminton player (beat the pants off a much younger girl a few years ago – and I hadn’t played since high school! She wouldn’t play with me again…) but was terrible at tennis. I have really fine bones (you’d never know it to look at me) and my wrists weren’t strong enough for tennis. Always made them ache.

    Good for you for trying again, though, and glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. Susan

    Bellydancing! What fun! I wish I could wiggle like those bellydancers do, but I end up looking rather laughable! 🙂

    I agree with The Bag Lady. Tap dancing is a blast! I took tap off and on from elementary school to after college. Out of ballet, jazz, and tap, I was strongest in tap – weakest in ballet. I’m not the most graceful. unfortuate.

    Have you ever taken Zumba classes? Those are fun too! Also, you could try salsa lessons or ballroom dancing with your boyfriend.

    However, since you’ve always had a desire to learn martial arts, I say make that your priority. Whatever works best with your schedule.

  3. Charlotte

    Krav Maga!! I’m dying to try that martial art but there’s no certified place here.

    I love dancing too – have you ever tried Latin dancing? Salsa, cha-cha, rumba, merengue etc.? That has a lot of the same hip action as belly dancing;) Enjoy experimenting!

  4. WeightingGame

    I SO want to learn how to play raquetball- i think it would be fun to do with my husband. But I can be a bit uncoordinated and, as the girls in Clueless said, I don’t like balls flying past my head.

    How about soccer? That’s be so cool!

  5. Sagan Morrow

    Bag Lady- Tap dancing! Now there’s an activity I wouldn’t have thought of… it could be quite interesting!

    Susan- I’d never heard of zumba so I looked into it and it looks so cool! Doesn’t seem to be something that we’ve got around here, unfortunately. And the boyfriend dancing? Ha!

    Charlotte- Krav maga looks awesome but, again, we don’t have it here either:( I learned how to salsa a bit when I was in Costa Rica and loved it. Latin dancing is so beautiful!

    MizFit- I’ll take up pogo stick-ing just as soon as I achieve a mastery equal to your bosu antics! (How much fun would it be to hop down the street on a pogo stick?)

    Leslie- I have such a fondness for movies like Clueless:) Soccer IS fun… its certainly much more available than a lot of the dances/martial arts!

  6. jlyoung23

    Soccer is a great sport and can be picked up at any age! I’m going to pick up mixed martial arts after graduation! Tennis is fun, maybe I’ll try to play more of that too.

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