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The One Accessory to Make Any Outfit Glamorous

One simple accessory can really go the difference to make pull your outfit together and add instant glamor, making your whole look have instant class and style – almost effortlessly. What is that one accessory? A gorgeous, very long string of pearls.

pearl necklace

Vintage cameo earrings pair beautifully with a string of pearls around your neck.

Loop the pearls around your neck twice, and snug up one loop close to your neck, letting the other loop dangle low.

string of pearls

Wear your hair up or down with a statement necklace like this.

You can wear a beautiful string of pearls like this with pretty much any outfit. It would look every bit as fabulous with jeans and a tank top as it would with a cocktail dress and heels!

get a pearl necklaceGet the look:


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