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The Top Nine Things I Need When I’m Sick

I have gotten sick so many times over the past year. It’s really starting to get annoying! Even worse, every time I get sick, it knocks me out flat for about a week. I spend hours curled up on the couch, and it’s a huge amount of effort to do much of anything during the week.

But I’ve discovered that there are some key essentials that I need to have around when I’m sick. They just make the entire thing a little bit less awful, and helps me to feel better a little bit quicker.

hot tea

Tasty tasty tea.

Without further ado, my survival kit for when I’m ill:

  1. Tea. Hot beverages feel so good on a sore throat! My favorite is chai green.
  2. Pillows. Lots of them, propped up all around you. So cozy!
  3. Lemon water. I don’t like orange juice and it tastes too sickly sweet when I’m ill, but I do like drinking water with several spoonfuls of lemon juice added to it. No sweetener required: just pure lemon juice (and lots of it) mixed with water. Mmm. Perfect for getting plenty of Vitamin C in your system.
  4. Homemade soup. Obviously! I like a thick chicken noodle / rice soup the best.
  5. Kleenex. The Kleenex box must be within arm’s reach at all times.
  6. Popsicles. The perfect complement to hot soup and hot tea is icy cold popsicles!
  7. Netflix. This is vital to watch marathons of Buffy and Angel. Books are good too, but movies or TV shows are better since they don’t require holding up a book. And TV shows are preferable to movies, because then you don’t have to bother with choosing another movie after the first one is done. You just have season upon season of Joss Whedon goodness to enjoy.
  8. Ginger ale. The bubbles, they are nice.
  9. Halls cough drops. These are vital for if you have to go out in public. Without a doubt you’ll get a tickle in your throat, and the best way to deal with it are cough drops.

What’s in your survival kit when you’re ill? Share in the comments section below!

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