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Top Six Winter Sports

Here we are, in the dead of winter. It’s not the most appealing time of year here in Winnipeg, but one of the things we can look forward to and enjoy during the winter are the great winter sports and activities!

winter activity

Sometimes you need to embrace the cold!

The top six winter sports that YOU should try this winter are:

1) Skiing

Why it’s awesome: Cross-country skiing is one of my all-time favourite activities. You can go exceptionally fast on skis if the tracks are already created for you and the temperature makes the snow the right consistency. Skiing also warms you up very quickly! It’s a beautifully relaxing and exhilerating experience all at once. Many golf courses open up in the winter for skiing, but if you can, I recommend taking the trip to a forested area that has skiing trails. There’s nothing quite like skiing among the trees.

Equipment required: You’ll need skis and ski boots fit to your size in order to do this activity. Poles are also a good idea to bring along. Dress in layers!

2) Skating

Why it’s awesome: Zooming around on a river trail is the best kind of skating, in my opinion, but ice rinks can be pretty great too! Skating challenges your balance and gets you to work muscles you don’t even know you have. Once you get into the rhythm of the movements, you’ll be amazed at how fast you can fly across the ice.

Equipment required: Skates! I like hockey skates better than figure skates, since they’re generally easier to manage if you aren’t accustomed to skating. Dress warmly and make sure you have good padding in your clothes since you’ll likely fall down a few times as a beginner.

3) Snowshoeing

Why it’s awesome: Plodding along on top of the snow is a truly fantastic experience. You can go pretty much anywhere on snowshoes (as long as there is snow, of course!), which makes it so special in comparison to other winter activities. It’s such an adventure to create your own path along the snow.

Equipment required: Snowshoes and winter boots (and, as always, warm clothes!).

4) Winter Running

Why it’s awesome: Running in the wintertime is completely different from running during the other seasons. The air makes it more challenging to breathe, the ice and snow makes it difficult to move quickly, and wind creates a strong resistance. Winter running is like regular running only five times more intense!

Equipment required: Layers, something to cover your ears, and running shoes. Dressing too warmly is better than putting on too few clothes for this activity.

5) Winter Hiking

Why it’s awesome: Winter hiking has a similar feel to it as snowshoeing does – the only difference is really that winter hiking is best to do on a pre-made trail. And once you’re on a trail, your mind is free to wander and to truly appreciate the beauty of your surroundings!

Equipment required: A good pair of winter boots or warm hiking boots, and weather-appropriate clothing.

6) Tobogganing

Why it’s awesome: This is a classic activity for kids – but it never gets old! It’s fun, anyone can do it, and you’ll get a surprisingly good workout from running back up that hill to sled down it over and over again.

Equipment required: A toboggan / sled and some warm clothes. Expect snow to get inside your jacket and boots!

What’s your favourite winter sport or activity? Share in the comments section below!


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