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Workplace Wellness: Part Two

There’s so many ways that we can be healthy at the office and ensure workplace wellness. Here are a few more ideas in addition to last week’s blog post!

1. Don’t be afraid to take a sick day. Last week I had a bad cold that made me miss a good few days of work, but I’m glad I took those days off. I was too tired and sick to be very productive anyways, and it wouldn’t have helped anyone for me to spread my germs! Remember that the office isn’t going to fall apart if you don’t go in for a day or two, and your co-workers will really appreciate not being around a coughing, sneezing sick person.

2. Have fun together. Start up a soccer league with your co-workers, or plan to run a 5-k together, or devote 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon to doing a quick yoga session as a group (there are great, free yoga practices for beginners to experts at Getting your whole workplace involved – or even just a few of your colleagues – will make workplace wellness that much easier to achieve.

3. Know your work style. Do you flourish best when you share an office with four other people, or are you more productive when you are working solo? Figure out what makes you happiest and try to fit your work style into your office culture. Enjoying work can be a major component of workplace wellness!

4. Keep stress-relievers around you. Simple changes, like hanging a photo of a loved one on your office wall, or changing your desktop background to something that makes you feel good, or having a stress ball to squeeze, can be an instant way to reduce stress and make you feel better when you need it.

Did you know that October is Healthy Workplace Month? Visit their website for more ideas for ensuring workplace wellness in your office!


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