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31 Days of Scarves

Happy Tuesday! To celebrate the lovely spring weather, I’m challenging myself to wearing scarves in a different way every day for the month of May.

Why scarves?

Scarves are one of the most chic and effortless accessories you can own – and they are incredibly versatile! You can wear them in dozens of different ways. Scarves add a little something extra to your outfit – and they’ll keep you warmer on slightly chillier spring days, to boot.

How will 31 days of scarves work?

I’ll post a photo roundup here on the blog about once a week, showcasing the different kinds of scarves and the ways I’ve worn them for every day of that week, and giving you new and fresh ideas for how you can incorporate scarves into your wardrobe.

Join in the fun!

Post your own photos of scarf-wearing on Twitter or Instagram using #31daysofscarves! You can also send me your photos at to post here on the blog. Would love to see your favourite ways of wearing scarves and favourite types of scarves!

Do you love scarves? What’s your favourite accessory? Will you join me in the #31daysofscarves challenge? Share in the comments section below!


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