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#31daysofscarves Days 1 – 6

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Day 1 – Scarf doubling up as a wrap to cover the arm completely on a chilly day.

how to wear a scarf

This is a great way to wear a scarf when the temperature is fairly warm except for a cold wind!


Day 2 – Folding a scarf in half, and looping the ends though the middle, is a great way to ensure your scarf stays secure on a windy day!


Day 3 – Probably the most common way to wear scarves! Neatly wrapped around the neck, each end in front of each shoulder.

blue sparkle scarf

Day 4 – Both ends of scarves are thrown behind each shoulder (the reverse of yesterday’s look!).


Day 5 – This sheer, skinny black scarf is perfect for doubling up as a headband!

how to wear scarf

Such an easy – and comfortable! – fix for when you don’t want your hair in your face.

Hermes scarf

Day 6 – Tied around the neck, sailor-style!

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