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A Simple Trick to Change the Shape of Your Face

One of the fastest, easiest ways to change up your look is this: simply change the parting in your hair.

hair style tip

You can see here that the hair folds over slightly at the back – let it do that! It adds a little extra texture.

It sounds ridiculously basic, but remember that you hair frames your face. When you change the frame, the shape of your face will look completely different, too!

how to change face shape

When you’re changing your hair part, use product to keep flyaways and frizz down.

I love this trick for any time I need a little freshen-up. My hair naturally always wants to part in the center (or very slightly off-center), so every now and then I’ll deliberately make the parting much more dramatic off to the side.

hairstyling tip

Feel free to add hair accessories to emphasize the change even more.

The result? I feel fresh and new! I like how changing the part causes your hair to fall over your face in new and different ways than it normally would, and how it opens up new opportunities to styling your hair.

how to look beautiful

Parting your hair differently takes no time at all – but the result will make you feel awesome!

One of my favorite products is the below Bumble & Bumble brilliantine. Love the look and feel of my hair after using it! Trust me, you NEED this product.


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