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Color of the Season: Oxblood

Want to partake in the trends without going overboard? Get something in oxblood. This is the perfect autumn color—and it goes with so many different skin tones and hair colors!

oxblood sweater

Love this super-long wine-colored sweater with faux leather panels! It can be worn as a mini dress with tights or as a sweater with fitted pants.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the above sweater in the store (it overwhelms my frame without a belt cinching it at the waist), but I did know immediately that I loved the color. This sweater that I’m wearing is more of a plum shade than pure oxblood or wine red (more burgundy than bordeaux, you might say), but it still fits right in there with being a fantastic color for wearing at all occasions!

pretty hair clip

Getting into the festive season with a pretty hair clip! (And of course, we’ve got our holiday garland and fairy lights framing the bookcases.)

Oxblood (or wine red, or burgundy, or bordeaux) is a stunning deep, dark reddish purple hue. It’s a gloriously rich color, and since it is such a deep shade, it’s versatile enough to be worn with all kinds of different colors (naturally, I prefer a neutral base, myself!).

holiday sweater

An over-sized sweater like this looks great with a wide belt that has a big buckle.

patterned tights

I chose to pair my oxblood sweater here with patterned tights and a pair of patent kitten heels. With a sweater dress this short, you need a small heel to create good balance!

What I love about this color is that it can be dressed up or down. Get an oxblood blouse (or sweater!) and pair it with jeans for a casual look, tights for a fun night out, or dress pants and heels for more formal settings. This outfit that I’m wearing makes a great working-from-home look—it’s comfortable, quick to throw together, and could be paired with some big winter boots and leg warmers if I need to run an errand.

sweater dress

Feeling chilly? Keep the sleeves long. Got work to do? Roll ’em up to the elbows!

Mr. Science did comment that this outfit is reminiscent (in a good way!) of the fantastic Heart of Robin Hood play we recently saw—I’ll take that as a compliment. It does have some iconic Robin Hood features (tights, tunic, belt) to it!

cameo cocktail ring

To know me is to know I love cameos. This purple and green cameo cocktail ring is a perfect match for this sweater dress!

Pssst… Looking for something in an oxblood or wine red color that’s a different piece than a top? Choose a great oxblood coat or stylish pants!

oxblood sweater dressThe sweater I’m wearing (with faux leather paneling on the sleeves) is from a boutique store in Winnipeg called Silver Lotus, but you can get a similar oxblood shirt by clicking here, here, or here. See below for more great options!

What do you think of oxblood? Are you loving this color as much as I am? How would you wear it? Share in the comments section below!


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