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Style inspiration: wearing a white coat in winter

There’s something so very chic about a white coat in the winter. I like the classic look of a basic white coat, and it looks especially pretty with the snow all around!

white coat ootd

This coat is just right for wearing when it’s not TOO cold outside.

The first white coat I ever had, years and years ago, was a lovely short, fitted, belted jacket with a corduroy feel to it. One day I wore it when biking to work, and it started raining while I was cycling. The rain water splashed up all over me as I rode, and by the time I arrived at work, my poor little coat was streaked with mud all up the back!

I was heartbroken. The mother dear took it to the dry cleaner, and after cleaning it about three times in a row, they finally managed to get most of the mud out. The back of the jacket was still very lightly grey, but you couldn’t even notice it unless you knew to look for the very faint stains.

wearing a white coat

My new coat is totally stain-free!

The mother dear sweetly came to the rescue again this year when my old red winter coat literally started falling apart on me and I was in desperate need of a new winter coat. This gorgeous white jacket was one of the coats we discovered on our shopping trip.

faux leather pants

I like how similar the pant material and the boot material are – they blend together!

I like the contrast between the white coat and the black faux leather pants and heeled ankle boots. And these delightful little clasps on the front of the jacket break up the blank canvas so nicely!

white coat with buckle

Two-toned color adds something special. It’s all in the details!

This colorful silk scarf peeking out the top of the coat is just right for this look too.

Although I like a long coat to wear in the winter (have to stay as warm as possible!), when you get slightly warmer days out—like we’ve thankfully had for the past couple weeks—sometimes a lighter coat is where it’s at. That’s where a jacket like this comes on (though, obviously, not a good idea to wear a white coat when it’s mucky out—I learned my lesson there!).

paper bag curls

I’ve been doing lots of paper bag curls lately.

Something else I like about this look? The hood. Always good to have options with a winter coat.

white coat with hood

Pretty hood.

lovely winter coat

I’ll never get over how much I adore the paneling on these pants.

Do you like white coats in the winter? What’s your favorite way to style a white coat? How are you keeping warm this season? Share in the comments section below!

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