How to get pretty (natural) eye makeup

This look is delightfully simple—so simple that all you really need are a few photos to explain it! Here you have one of my most favorite and easiest eye makeup tutorial…

Find out how to get pretty, natural-looking makeup in 3 easy steps! You'll love this simple eye makeup tutorial from a beauty blogger.

First, apply a light coat of eyeshadow over the entire lid.

simple eye makeup

Simple, neutral shades can really go the distance.

Next, add a dab of eyeshadow on the innermost corner of your eye. Take out your mascara wand and hold it lightly against your lower eyelashes for just a moment.

how to apply mascara

So easy, but it will really make your eyes pop!

Third, swipe on the mascara. The more, the better! Apply from the base of the lashes and sweep out slowly to the tips to get super long lashes.

eye makeup

It’s hard to overdo it on mascara.

What is your favorite super easy eye makeup look? What do you think of this look? Share in the comments section below!

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