How to get a soft, smoky eye

This soft, smoky eye is a very simple look that needs just a few things: dark eyeshadow, frosted eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and dark mascara.

make-up tutorial

Make-up tutorial.

First, brush your (clean) finger lightly in the dark eyeshadow palette (I used a dark brown), and very lightly dust your entire eyelid with the color, from lashes to just above the crease. Use more or less eyeshadow, depending on how dark you want your smoky eye to be (err on the side of too light—you can always add more, but it can be finicky to remove!).

Second, dip another (clean) finger in the frosted eyeshadow, and gently brush it from the inner corner of the eyelid, sweeping outwards. This will add just a little extra pop and sparkle to the look, without going overboard. I used a nice sparkly gold; bronze would also look nice (or try silver if you have blue or grey eyes).

Third, take an eyeliner pencil (I used black) and line your lower lid all the way from one side to the next. Your eyes will look larger if you a) don’t line the inner rims of the lid, and b) extend the liner just a little bit at the outer corner of your eye.

dark eye makeup

This isn’t an everyday look, but it certainly brings attention to your eyes.

Fourth, brush plenty of mascara on your upper and lower lashes. And voila! You’re done. I like smoothing some photo finish primer on my skin for a soft, silky look, too, and pair with a glossy pink lip for an extra touch. This look is even better towards the end of the day, when it has smudged just a little bit.

Got any great tips for getting a soft, smoky eye? Share in the comments section below!

Get the items I used for a soft, smoky eye here:


  1. Yum Yucky

    What a coincidence. I was thinking the other day how I want to try the smokey eye look. I don’t have the right shadow palette to do it yet, but gonna get the supplies I need. I’m taking this post as a sign from the universe that I need to go ahead with the smokey eye.

    1. admin

      Oh you totally should! I like this look because it isn’t quite as intense / dramatic as a traditional smoky eye (which can be intimidating for those of us who don’t usually wear tons of eye make-up…).

      Both Mineral Fusions and Smashbox have awesome palettes for this kind of look. Have fun with it!

  2. Barbe

    Hiya Sagan, I got here through the Monday Makeup Madness. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way. Not everyone has time for brush nr 37489 in one area, brush nr 32478 for another area, the KISS method is the always the best!
    Love a smokey eye and yours is great! Thanks for the tutorial x

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