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Outfit of the day: rose pink long-sleeved shirt with ballet flats (and why the little details matter)

Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to stick with neutral (and often dark) colors as my base for an outfit. I generally prefer to keep my clothing fairly simple, but accessorize with a sparkly scarf, dangling earrings, or fantastic shoes. It’s not that I dislike color; I simply prefer to keep my backdrop simple, so that when I do wear color, it really pops.

As a fashion blogger, I love focusing on the details. It’s the little details – like side zippers on faux leather pants, or a fancy hair clip – that make the perfect statement for my style.

However, sometimes it’s just so much fun to go bright! And that’s what I want to showcase today: a gorgeous, rose pink long-sleeved shirt, paired with simple black pants and adorable dark grey Jimmy Choo ballet flats.

outfit of the day fashion blog

Jimmy Choo ballet flats pair nicely with some stretchy black pants.

These. Shoes! They are so comfortable, and they have lasted years of wear. If you’re going to invest in any designer shoes, go for Jimmy Choo! You will love the look, the quality is undeniable, and the comfort… oh, the comfort.

how to wear a pink shirt

An elaborate sea-blue ring has a nice contrast to the brightness of the pink shirt. Keep your nails filed in a shape you love and your hands well-moisturized when you show off a statement ring like this!

pink lip gloss

A swipe of pink lip gloss completes this look. And how much do you adore the blue jewelry with the pink top?

As you can tell, even though I’ve gone for a bright base, I’m still all about the details in this outfit. The shoes. The ring. The earrings. The mascara! Details are what really make a top with bottoms a proper outfit.

Here’s the thing: you can get dressed up in your fanciest top and bottoms, but if you don’t really pay attention to the details for the rest of your look (which may or may not include jewelry, make-up, and accessories), you probably aren’t going to get a wow! reaction.

On the other hand, you can make even jeans and a tank top attention-getting if you transform it into an outfit by focusing on the right details. Don’t neglect the details, my friends!

blue earrings with pink shirt

Love these blue earrings! I also want to do a shout-out to Smashbox: check out my eyelashes in this photo! I adore Smashbox make-up, and their full exposure jet black mascara frames the eyes beautifully.

outfit of the day idea

The neckline on this long-sleeved shirt is super appealing to me, because you can adjust it and get an entirely new look. I like keeping the neck towards the front, cowl-neck-style, but you could also bring it around your shoulders and adjust to get just the right look for you.

Shirt: Jacob.

Pants: Costco (seriously. They cost about $5, have a fleece lining, are crazy comfy, and go with so many outfits!).

Shoes: Jimmy Choo.

Ring: boutique store in Barcelona.

Earrings: from a market in Istanbul.

Lip gloss and mascara: Smashbox.

What are you wearing today? Are you as obsessed with small details as I am, or do you prefer just throwing together whatever you can find? Do you like a colorful base or a more neutral one? Share in the comments section below!

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