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Five Tips for Doing an All-Day Shopping Excursion

Shopping trips can be tons of fun—and they can also sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming! These tips will help you have an enjoyable, highly successful shopping trip, without the burnout factor.

A fashion blogger's tips for a successful, day-long shopping excursion. You are going to ROCK your next shopping trip!These tips will help you plan for your next all-day shopping excursion:

1) Figure out what you need. Go through your closet or wardrobe—are there any items that are seriously lacking? Do you have way too much of a certain color or type of clothing and need to branch out? What will you be in desperate need of this season? Are there any upcoming events you need to plan for? Make a list of your top priority items, as well as a few “extra” items that you wouldn’t mind getting but which aren’t absolutely necessary.

2) Plan ahead. Which shops will have the types of items you need? What stores have clothes that fit you well and suit your style? Plan out which shops you want to visit, and in which order you will visit them if they are spread out in different neighborhoods. This is a good time to check the hours that they are open, too—many boutique stores don’t open until 11am or noon on weekdays, for example, so you’d want to be careful not to plan for a 9am shopping trip in that case.

3) Bring a snack (and a friend!). A snack is a good way to keep fueled after the first hour or two of shopping. It’s also a really good idea to bring someone else along with you on the shopping excursion—they can provide you with honest feedback on how the clothes look (unfortunately, most salespeople can’t be relied upon to tell you when something doesn’t quite work!), and they can also make suggestions for trying on items you might not normally go for. Choose someone whose opinion you trust.

4) Remember to have fun! Try on that silly outfit or totally elaborate item. Haul clothes into the dressing room, even if it didn’t look great on the hanger. Try on plenty of items; you are bound to find something that fits beautifully if you try on enough clothes!

5) Take breaks if you need it. You can munch on the aforementioned snack as you go, but it’s a good idea to stop for a late lunch to refuel and get away from the shops for a while. It’s a good chance to look through the items that you’ve purchased so far, and decide if you need to adjust your afternoon plans in case you still haven’t purchase some of your must-have items on the list.

What tips would you add to this list? What are some of your best tips for doing an all-day shopping excursion? What clothes would be on your list for your next shopping trip? Share in the comments section below!


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