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Outfit of the Day: Christmassy red patterned sweater with Prada heels

It’s that time of year. The holiday season is upon us! This super cute outfit will get you into the holiday spirit:

Christmas-appropriate outfit of the day

Cropped sweater over black tank top. This knitted sweater is THIS CLOSE to being categorized as an ugly Christmas sweater – but it’s slightly too cute to make the cut 😉

black Prada heels

Prada high heels can transform a cute outfit to being just a little bit more interesting.


the perfect Christmas outfit

This isn’t exactly the type of sweater you want to wear year-round… but it’s so much fun for this time of year! It’s also forgiving without being too loose or frumpy. Just what we need when all of those delicious, caloric goodies come our way.

black heels and pants

Normally I don’t wear pants + bare feet + heels, but I’m digging this look. It straddles the fence between casual and formal nicely.

fashion blog Christmas

I want to point out the lace detailing on the tank top I’m wearing underneath this cardigan, but mostly I’m too distracted by how adorable our little snowgirl on the piano is!

Christmassy outfit of the day idea

How cute are these earrings? They remind me of little Christmas ornaments.

cuff bracelet for the holidays

This cuff bracelet is a favorite of mine – and it’s perfect for the holidays, with a dark green background and sparkly gold threads running through it.

Prada high heels #ootd

Check out that bit of gold logo peeping out from beneath these gorgeous, classic black Prada high heels.

how to put together an outfit

A close-up of the bracelet! So pretty.

best holiday outfit inspiration

A Christmassy outfit just wouldn’t be complete without candles, snowy garland, and a snowman ornament!

What does your favorite holiday outfit include? Share in the comments section below!

Get the look:


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