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Analysis of Cosmetic Ingredients and Product Review: Better Than Cover

Giveaway winner

And the winner of the Smarty had a Party giveaway is… Geosomin! Geosomin wrote:

Well, it’s my birthday coming up soon, and it’s right by Halloween, so I would definitely use these supplies for a birthday/halloween shindig at my place.Then I wouldn’t have as much work cleaning up after my own party :)

Congratulations! And Happy Early Birthday 🙂 E-mail me your mailing address and I’ll ensure that you receive your party supplies.

New Health Challenge

September’s challenge: analyzing ingredients in cosmetics and household products! We talk a lot about what ingredients in food are healthy, but cosmetics and household products have been sorely neglected here at Living Healthy in the Real World. This month we are going to look at what ingredients are safe to use, what ingredients are toxic, and some of the best brands that you can choose for personal health and environmental health reasons.

Watch the video below to see my product review of Better Than Cover, a cosmetic product that is advertised as natural and mostly-organic, and to learn more about the ingredients that I researched in this product from Therapy Systems.

This is my first video blog post! The next ones will be shorter and will contain fewer “um”‘s. Any feedback is appreciated!


Is Silica Safe? from Healthy Child Healthy World

Is Silica in Cosmetics Dangerous? from Beautiful with Brains

Iron Oxides in Cosmetics from Chemistry Question

Titanium Dioxide: Toxic or Safe? from Organic Make-up


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