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Product Review: NuttZo Nut Butter

I’ve been hearing a fair amount about NuttZo around the blogosphere, so I was quite excited when I was given a jar by the company to sample and review.

NuttZo is a brand of nut butter, but it’s something a little special. It uses organic, all-natural ingredients: Valencia peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. Because it uses a variety of different kinds of legumes, nuts, and seeds, this nut butter is actually a complete protein! Most of the time, when we’re eating plant-based foods, we need to combine different ingredients in order to have a complete protein- for example, the classic rice-and-beans combo. Animal sources of food provide complete proteins, but for plant-based foods, we need to eat a few different kinds to get all the essential proteins (except for quinoa. Quinoa is the only plant-based complete protein, so it’s extra special. But this blog post isn’t about quinoa. It’s about NuttZo. Carry on).

The variety of nuts, seeds, and legumes in NuttZo also provides healthy Omega-3 fats, calcium, iron, and many other essential vitamins and minerals. It’s chock-full of healthy deliciousness! Variety is indeed the spice of life.

When my jar of NuttZo arrived, one of the first things that I noticed which I was honest-to-goodness ecstatic about, was that the label on the jar is upside down (Yeah. I’m easy to please). It’s genius: with all-natural nut butters, oil separation occurs, so it is necessary to keep natural nut butter refrigerated. The other thing that we can do to prevent oil separation is to put the jar upside down in the fridge. My nut butter is always upside down to make life easier when it comes to spreading it. I’m also the kind of person who feels obliged to straighten pictures on the wall when they’re crooked, and who feels compelled to close a cupboard door if it’s slightly ajar. So you can imagine my delight upon discovering that the label was put on upside down on the NuttZo jar. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing when I can read the label when it’s on the shelf in my fridge 🙂

My one caveat was that NuttZo is chunky, not smooth. I’m a smooth nut butter girl through and through. So, I scooped out all the nut butter, put it in the food processor, and processed it until the chunks were all blended and it was nice and creamy. Much better!

The taste itself is good, but may take some getting used to if you’re only used to eating peanut butter and haven’t branched out into trying any other nut butters. The first time I ever tasted almond butter, I didn’t like it. But as I worked my way through that first jar, it grew on me and I came to really enjoy it. Nowadays, I choose almond butter just as often as I choose peanut butter, if not even more frequently. I have a feeling that NuttZo might be like that, too.

NuttZo is an incredibly healthy choice and I would strongly urge everyone to give it a try! Have you had NuttZo yet? What’s your favourite kind of nut butter? Do you like your nut butter smooth or chunky?

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  1. Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman

    I’ve never tried this, so thanks for the review. I just branched out from peanut butter to almond butter, so I’m still a nut butter newbie. This sounds good, though I’m not a fan of Brazil nuts. And thanks for the upside down tip. I store mine in the fridge, but I’ve never tried that trick!

  2. Sagan Morrow

    Cammy- I THINK it’s only available online, but I could be wrong. I’ve heard of PB&Co but have yet to try their nut butter!

    Tracey- Turning it upside down makes life much easier 🙂

    Tricia- Am glad you enjoyed!

    Westwood- Excellent 😀

  3. Mary Anne in Kentucky

    I’m a smooth peanut butter fan. If I want chunky, I’ll just eat a handful of nuts. I had plenty of opportunity to learn to like almond butter through the years of my mother’s many food allergies, but it didn’t grow on me. I’d eat some, if I were hungry, but I don’t enjoy it.

    The upside down label is clever, but it wouldn’t do me any good, because I turn my jars upside down when I first buy them, and when I’m almost ready for a new jar I turn it right side up for a day or two, and then I can just pick it up and open it. I don’t refrigerate my peanut butter, either. It stays mixed well enough to suit me.

    I couldn’t eat this stuff, of course: I’m allergic to flaxseed.

  4. The Candid RD

    I’ve actually never even heard of this peanut butter, but it sounds perfect. I think it’s a great idea to mix a bunch of different types of nuts together, why don’t other companies do that?! My favorite type of nut butter is Barney Butter almond butter and Smart Balance peanut butter (EXTRA CRUNCHY!!!) The smart Balance also has 1000 mg omega-3 per serving, from flax seed oil. I love crunchy pb, I won’t have it any other way!

  5. Sagan Morrow

    Marsha- It’s such a neat concept to have ALL the nuts/seeds/legumes together. I really like that! And, it got the taste-test approval of another friend just a couple days ago, too 🙂

    Dee- I feel a little silly that the upside-down label makes me so happy. But really. It’s smart!

    Mary Anne- Boo to allergies! That’s really unfortunate. But I’m with you; if I want CRUNCH, then I eat a handful of nuts. Spreads should be creamy 🙂

    Sophia- Ooooh it’s not too often people swing both ways! Interesting that you like that AB smooth but the PB crunchy.

    Miz- Channel the inner toddler 😉 I WANT!

    Jamie- Do! I fully support having a wide variety of nut butters at one’s disposal at all times.

    Gina- I have yet to try either Barney Butter or Smart Balance; I’m not a huge fan of the Smart Balance COMPANY just because I don’t like the ingredients they use in other products (although their nut butters look great), but I’ve only been hearing good things about the taste of those products! I’ll hunt some down at some point and give them a try.

  6. Tracy

    I looooove Nuttzo. Been eating it for a couple of years now. But it got so pricey. So I came up with my own mixed nut butter recipe and I love it even more. I’m able to customize it and add other nuts and seeds or leave them out as well…..I love to add pumpkin seeds and I usually leave out the cashews…..although I may add them back in to the next batch. It’s just so easy to do and it really makes me feel great eating homemade & and organic. But nuttzo is so amazing and would not hesitate to buy it again as I am a huge chipmunk when it comes to my nut butters….

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