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Product Review: U-RAAW!

I was delighted to be contacted recently by U-RAAW! about reviewing their products. U-RAAW! is a Canadian company offering customized organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, raw-food products. The custom products they offer include trail mix, cereal, energy bars, and smoothie mix. They also offer health foods: various dried fruits, nuts, and nutritional powders.

I had the opportunity to create my own customized product for each main category: one bag of cereal, one bag of trail mix, three energy bars, and one bag of smoothie mix.

U-RAAW product

All of my U-RAAW! goodies!

The U-RAAW! website is fairly new, so there were a couple of small kinks to work out when I was creating my custom products, but that is only to be expected with any new website. The website itself is very aesthetically-pleasing and straight-forward to use—aside from the small kinks (which might already be fixed), it’s a very user-friendly site and it’s a lot of fun to mix and match all of the different ingredients!

There are a lot of ingredients to choose from so that you can really make the products your own. You also get to name your customized product and the name appears on the package when you receive it, which I think is a really cute and fun touch.

The customized products that I created included:

  • Picnic Trail Treat: organic hazelnuts, organic maple almonds, organic golden berries, organic pistachio nuts, organic apricots, and organic pecans.
  • Super Spirulina Smoothie Mix: organic brown rice protein, organic spirulina, organic vanilla powder, organic acai, organic wheat grass, and organic bee pollen.
  • Cacao Cherry Crunch Cereal: organic buckwheat hearts, organic mesa sunrise flakes, organic sesame seeds, organic tart cherries, organic cacao nibs.
  • Cashew Crisp Bars: cashew butter, whey protein, clover honey, brown rice crisps, vanilla extract, bee pollen, cacao, maca.

U-RAAW! product review - custom-made healthy raw food snacks in Canada!

So, how was everything?

With all of the products, the ingredients were fresh and full of flavor—big thumbs up! You can really tell that U-RAAW! uses quality ingredients in their products.

The smoothie mix was fantastic. When I opened the package the first time, it just smelled so good! I made a smoothie using 1 cup of 1% milk, 1 banana, 1/3 cup frozen blueberries, and 1 tbsp of the smoothie mix. There were really lovely vanilla undertones in the smoothie mix. The ingredients complemented each other nicely, and the nutrition facts on the mix were awesome. There is so much wholesome and delicious goodness packed into a spoonful of that smoothie mix.

The trail mix could have used a few more apricots, and the maple almonds weren’t super maple-y, but that also could be that I didn’t get a chance to try it until about 10 days after they arrived (I went out of the province within hours of receiving the products).

The ingredients in the cereal were really great individually, but it was the combination of them—which was all on me, since I created the combo!—that just didn’t work. Mr Science and I both tried it with milk and there were just too many flavours going on. But as a dried cereal, like a trail mix, it works pretty well. I think I got too excited about all of the different ingredients and forgot to stop and consider what they would be like in a bowl with milk.

raw cereal

I loved the energy bars. They had a lovely cashew butter taste with just the right amount of subtle sweetness and a little crunch from the rice crisps. I think next time I would add some chocolate chips to the bar too. The package was a little tricky to get into and it had to be opened with scissors—but the packaging of all the products uses really good-quality materials, and I would so much rather the packaging be durable than it ripping!

The mother dear tried a cashew crisp bar and she was NOT a fan, but that, I think, is simply indicative of the awesomeness of customized products: I had made it for my personal tastes and it suited my taste just fine! Being able to create custom products means that you can be very cognizant about what flavours and ingredients you enjoy the most.

And the final verdict is…

I would definitely recommend U-RAAW! The products are high-quality and delicious, and you can design all of the products to exactly your liking.

I also love the thoughtful touches that are put in, such as the cute graphics on the packaging. The business provides a lot of different ingredient options, and you can even purchase things separately, such as just baking ingredients or just superfoods. It’s perfect for if you want to design your own health foods and incorporate tasty raw ingredients into your meals!

Visit to check out all of the options available and to design your own raw food products.

Disclaimer: this was a paid product review but all opinions and reviews written here are entirely my own.

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